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List Of Bus Companies in Kenya You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

List Of Bus Companies in Kenya You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

It is that time of the year when the list of bus companies in Kenya comes in handy. Yes, Christmas is here with us, and most of us will want to travel to our mashinani to enjoy the festive season with our family and loved ones.

Already most bus companies have been booked to capacity. A spot check by our team at Shopaxo shows that bus companies that allow early booking are already full to capacity. As we talk, Easycoach, Modern Coast, and Dreamline are already booked to capacity.

That said, in this article, we bring you a list of bus companies and shuttles you may want to consider when traveling. However, before we do so, here are factors you may want to consider when choosing a bus company.

  1. Fare– Most bus companies will hike the fares especially as we head into Christmas. If you are able to squeeze yourself on companies that do not hike the fares such as EasyCoach go for it.
  2. Customer Service– In Kenya, most bus companies are known for poor customer service. Just yesterday I received a comment on one of my posts asking travelers to avoid Classic Buses. Let me add this, avoid bus companies that operate from Machakos Bus Station. These buses can drop you anywhere without notice or apology.
  3. Cleanliness- They say cleanliness is next to godliness, you would not want to board a bus that smells like an open sewer.
  4. Schedule- Few bus companies in Kenya keep a proper schedule. However, a few like Easy Coach try. If possible go for such.

List of Bus Companies In Kenya and Shuttles

Bus Companies in Kenya

Shuttle Companies


This list of bus companies in Kenya contains not only the most popular (though reliable does not mean best or reliable) companies but also some of the most reliable.

Is there a bus company or shuttle you feel should be included on this list? You can request an addition in the comment section below.

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