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Crown Bus Online Booking: How To Do It On BuuPass

Crown Bus Online Booking: How To Do It On BuuPass

If you have been looking for Crown bus online booking like me and found no answer, then this article is for you.

Crown bus is a premier bus companies that offers transport services to most cities in Kenya. If you have gone to their website, you probably have been disappointed to find out that there is no option to book online.

You are not alone in this, that why I wrote this article to help you out.

Crown Bus Online Booking; A step by Step guide.

Crown bus recently collaborated with Buupass to make online booking possible. Buupass is an online platform that allows passengers to book bus stations to various destinations. In the recent past , you could book buses with companies  such as Easycoach, Modern Coast, Greenline and East African shuttle safaris.

Crown bus is the latest addition to their fleet of buses.

Besides getting your bus tickets, you can also get your Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) tickets and flight tickets. They also offer car hire services.

So how can you book Crown Bus online?

As I said, you can only do this through their partners Buupass.

Now fire up https://buupass.com/, you can either click the link or copy and paste it in your browser. If successful, you will be taken to a page that looks as this one below.

crown online

If you scroll the page, you can be able to see the bus companies that the platform has partnered with.

Enter the city you are leaving and the city you are going to, remember to input the date of travel then hit search.

As in my case, I am leaving Nairobi and traveling to the lakeside city of Kisumu. I get these search results.

available bus

A closer look shows that there so many EasyCoach buses going to Kisumu at different times of the day(the screenshot above only shows part of the page), however sandwiched between them is the Crown Bus.

As you can see from the image, it cost Ksh. 1100.00 to Kisumu.

Now click on the ‘Book Now‘ button. If successful, you will be taken to this page.

Bus layout

As you can see, an outline of the bus is shown with ‘booked seats'( in grey), ‘available'( in yellow) and ‘selected’ in green.

This bus as you can see, it is almost empty. If you select a seat will be highlighted in green. Click on any yellow seat to book. As soon as you do this, it is highlighted in green. Select more seats depending on the number of people traveling.

If everything looks good, hit the ‘Place my booking’ button on the right of the page.

You will be redirected to this page

Fill in Information

Now fill in the required information, which includes but not limited to Name, ID/Passport Number, nationality and phone number.

Fill in who is paying, you can re-enter your name it is you paying. If you are happy, agree with their ‘Privacy Policy Terms of Use,’ then click on ‘Pay with Mpesa Button.’

An Mpesa prompt message will appear on your phone asking you to enter your Mpesa Pin. Enter your Pin and agree to pay the amount shown.

Then go back Buupass Website to confirm booking. See the Instructions below.


That is it. Congratulations, you have made your first booking!

Other Methods to book a Crown Bus

If in any case you are not able to do this online, you can opt for the following.

1. Book Via USSD

This done on your phone and it does not have to be a smartphone. All you have to do is hit #887# and follow the prompts to book.

2. Crown Bus Online Booking Via Buupass App

You can download the App on Google play and follow same steps explained above.

3. Walk it there offices

If you love the traditional way of doing things, then you can walk to their nearest booking office to get your ticket.

Here is a list of offices and contacts.

NAIROBI Head office, City centre: Monrovia Street, Lagos House-Near Salvation Army. +254722719944
(020) 2212253
(020) 2212203
Eastleigh: Along 2nd Avenue, next to Barclays Bank. +254721177235
MOMBASA Moi Avenue: Motor Mart Building, opposite Gapco Petrol Station. (+254) 0412222406
Bondeni: Along Abdul Nasser Road, next to Ramadhan Hotel. +254710 982008
Mwembe Tayari: Along Jomo Kenyatta Avenue. +254721 909700
KISUMU Along Bank Street on Kimwa Annex Building. Kisumu Stage Offices. +254(057) 2023933
KAKAMEGA Salim & Salim Building, opposite Midland Emporium, along Kenyatta Avenue. +254(056) 31323
MUMIAS Along Bungoma- Mumias Road. +254 (056)641083
BUNGOMA Inside Earthlink Hotel along Mumia -Bungoma Road, Next to Splendid Club. +254 (057) 2500808
SIAYA Inside Perillo Computer Services on Ahindi Gardens. +254727 641886
CHAVAKALI Chavakali +254 (020) 2442383


As I said earlier, Crown Bus has several destinations across the country and beyond. See them below.

Kakamega, Mumias –
06:30AM 07:00AM  
Nairobi-Kisumu – Siaya 07:00AM 07:30AM  
Nairobi – Mombasa 08:00AM 08:30AM  
Nairobi – Mombasa 10:00AM 10:30AM  
Malaba to Mombasa 02:30PM 03:30PM KSh 1500
Bungoma to Mombasa 03:00PM 03:30PM KSh 1500
Webuye to Mombasa 03:30PM 04:00PM KSh 1500
Eldoret to Mombasa 04:30PM 05:00PM KSh 1350
Mombasa to Malaba     KSh 1500

If should be able to bring you more information as it is made available to me.


Why would you even want to consider Crown Bus Online booking? One thing is clear, among the organized bus companies in Kenya; it is one of the cheapest.

If you booked through this guide let me know and if you have been on Crown Bus we will be glad to hear your experience.

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