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Kodak Shifts To Manufacturing Generic Drugs

Kodak to manufacture drugs: Kodak a company that most of us known to produce cameras and films in the past has now shifted the...

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    Blueline Shuttle Destinations and Contacts

    Blueline Shuttle like North Rift Shuttle is a shuttle service that operates to the North Rift and parts of Western Kenya. Its main route is the Nairobi- Kakamega.

    Anyone who is traveling from Nairobi to Kakamega and Mumias via Kapsabet, Shamakhokho, Chavakali can use this route. It is the only shuttle besides the Classic shuttle that operates on this route.

    Blueline Shuttle Destinations

    You can use Blueline shuttle on the following routes.

    • Nairobi- Kapsabet.
    • Nairobi- Kakamega (and any town between Kapsabet and Kakamega).
    • Nairobi- Mumias.
    • Nairobi- Luanda.
    • Nairobi- Malava

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    Off course, you can come from those destinations back to Nairobi.

    Blue line Shuttle Contacts

    Main Office

    The main office is located in Mfangano Trade Centre along Mfangano Street.

    Main Office: Mfangano Trade Centre, Mfangano Street Nairobi.

    Contact Number: 0716 791633/0718791633

    Website: Currently no website.

    Other Offices

    Blueline shuttle has offices in

    • Kapsabet
    • Kakamega
    • Chavakali
    • Mumias
    • Luanda and
    • Malava

    Blueline shuttle fares

    As I said earlier, the main route that Blueline operates on is the Nairobi-Kapsabet route. Normally, it will cost you Ksh. 1000.00 to Kapsabet from Nairobi. To Kakamega from Nairobi and any town between Kapsabet and Kakamega will cost you Ksh. 1200.00.  To Mumias from Nairobi will cost you Ksh. 1400.00.

    Note that these are the fares when the traffic of passengers is normal. When there too many people on the road, the fares can be as much as double, the normal fares.

    Everything Else You Need to Know

    You cannot book in advance

    Like many shuttles, you cannot book in advance. You have to present yourself on the day of travel and hope you get a ride.

    They deal with parcels

    You can send a parcel to any of the destinations listed above.

    No, charging ports, no Wi-Fi

    Like most shuttles do not expect extra comfort here. There is no Wi-Fi onboard neither is there any charging ports.

    They do not offer night travel

    Unless there so many passengers on the road, Blueline shuttle do not operate at night.

    Customer service is average.

    Based on reviews from their Facebook page, I can say that they have average customer service. Here are some of the feedback I got on Facebook.

    One customer says, “ERY POOR CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE……. Instead of doing a follow up on a customer’s query they switch off the office phones. Poor parcel delivery services….. I sent a very urgent parcel early morning to kakamega but up to now it hasn’t arrived….. tried calling the office but since they have marked my number they switched have off all the phones. That’s very rude and unprofessional’’.

    “The parcel delivery is very poor..I sent a parcel from Kakamega and instead of the driver delivering in the office akaenda nayo sijui wapi…Sijui kama alipeleka Kwake…He says ako Ngara and tukisema tuende kuchukua anakataa..He has now gone mteja…..If you want me to post his number here I will post,” says one Luane Jnr.

    Dan Muga says, “Best customer service I recommend.”

    From this feedbacks, you decide for yourself how their customer service be like. On the Facebook page, they have a rating of 2.1 out of 5 based on about 14 respondents as of writing this article.

    You cannot book online

    Like most shuttles, they do not have a website, you cannot therefore book online.


    Blueline shuttle is a reliable shuttle service between Nairobi to Kakamega via Kapsabet. If you looking to travel fast and by flexible means, then you can consider them.

    Are you a regular traveler on Blueline shuttle? Share with us your experiences here and let other travelers know what to expect.

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