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Ena Coach Online Booking; Contacts and Destinations.

Ena Coach Online Booking; Contacts and Destinations.

Here is a complete guide to Ena Coach Online Booking. This may come in handy if you are a regular traveler to South Nyanza or for one reason or another, you find yourself traveling to that part of Kenya.

How is Ena Coach Online booking done? The short answer is that go to http://www.enacoach.co.ke and follow the steps. If the link does not work, copy it and paste it in your browser.

If you want to follow our complete guide, keep reading.

I have been writing booking guides and the feedback I have been getting is overwhelming. Just as I often do, I actually do the booking, so that I can take you through the process.

However, before we look at that, we may need to understand a little about Ena Coach.

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Let us begin.

Ena coach is a bus service company that operates to Western Kenya, to be specific, Nyanza Region. Though the company to offer services to other regions such as Mombasa. Here are towns and cities to bus offers services to.

  • Awendo
  • Borongo
  • Bomet
  • Bondo
  • Bumula
  • Busia
  • Homa Bay
  • Katito
  • Kebiringo
  • Kehancha
  • Kendu Bay
  • Kericho
  • Keroka
  • Mbita
  • Kisii
  • Kisumu
  • Maseno
  • Migori
  • Mombasa
  • Nairobi
  • Nakuru
  • Sotik
  • Tambaka
  • Kijauri
  • Keumbu
  • Narok
  • Ndhiwa
  • Nyachenge
  • Nyamira
  • Oyugis
  • Rodi Kopany
  • Rongo
  • Siaya
  • Sirare
  • Sondu
  • Sori

Apart from offering PSV service, the company also offers courier services in partnership with Explorer Parcel Handlers (EPH). As they say on their website, “ENA Coach covers more than 30 routes within Kenya and is working round the clock to add more routes within Kenya and the greater East African region.”

Ena Coach Online Booking; A step by step guide.

From your phone, computer or any device you are using, fire it up and go to http://www.enacoach.co.ke. (Copy and paste the like in your browser if it does not work)You will find a page that looks this way.

Ena Coach Online booking

The page that loads may look different from the one above especially if you are using a phone. Once here, type in your “from” location and your ‘to” destination. Then enter the number of people traveling and finally the date of travel. See image below.

ena bus online booking

If you are happy with the information entered, hit the search button. If all goes well, you should get to this page.

ena bus booking

As you can see, am searching a bus from Ahero to Nairobi. From the image, I have four options to choose from. The information shows the route name, departure time, number of seats available and the fare to my destination.

Now select the option that suits you and hit the ‘View Seats’ button.

This should land you here.

ena coach online booking

All you now need to do is select the seat(s) that suit you. As you can see from the diagram above, the grey seats are already booked while the blue seats are empty. Select one of the blue seats. If you do so it will turn to red to indicated selected, booking will be confirmed once you pay.

If you have selected and feel good to proceed, a ‘continue button’ will appear. Hit that button to proceed.

A pop up page will appear showing you a summary of your booking.

ena bus online booking

If all is well, click continue button to proceed. Another pop up message will appear asking you to ‘Sign Up’ or proceed as a ‘Guest’. Choose whatever suits you. If successful another pop up page will appear. Fill in all the required information.

ena bus contacts

If you are happy, hit continue, you should come to this page.

ena bus parcel

You will get a prompt on your phone (through the number you provided above) to pay via Mpesa. Follow the prompts and send the money via Mpesa. You have to do this within seven minutes.

If successful, you will get a confirmation message confirming your seat. That how Ena Coach online booking is done! Simple.

If you followed the steps above, congratulations for making it this far. Give yourself a thumps up.

Ena Coach Contacts, Office Location and more.

Main Office

Ena Coach operates from Wakulima House in Nairobi along Haile Selassie Avenue. This is the Main Office.

Location: KPCU Building (Wakulima House), Ground Floor Along Haile Selassie Avenue

Nairobi, Kenya

Phone No : 0709832000/301/302/303/30

Website: enacoach.co.ke

Other Regional Offices

Ena Coach has other contact at regional offices. The locations listed above have offices that serve passengers from that region.

Here they are:


 Phone No : 0768716220


Phone No : 0768716224


Phone No : 0768716299


Phone No : 0768716304

  • SORI

Phone No : 0768716308


Phone No : 0768716312


Phone No : 0768716315


Phone No : 0768905245


Phone No : 0768905248


Phone No : 0768716001


Phone No : 0768716217


Phone No : 0768716221


Phone No : 0768716225


Phone No : 0768716301


Phone No : 0768716305


Phone No : 0768716309


Phone No : 0768716313


Phone No : 0768905242


Phone No : 0768905246


Phone No : 0768905260


Phone No : 0768905261


Phone No : 0768905243


Phone No : 0768716314


Phone No : 0768716310

  • RODI

Phone No : 0768716306


Phone No : 0768716302


Phone No : 0768716297


Phone No : 0768716222


Phone No : 0768716218


Phone No : 0768716003


Phone No : 0768716004


Phone No : 0768716219


Phone No : 0768716223


Phone No : 0768716298


Phone No : 0768716303


Phone No : 0768716307


Phone No : 0768716311


Phone No : 0768716315


Phone No : 0768905244


Phone No : 0768905247

Booking the Traditional Way

If in any way you are not able to book your ticket online, the traditional way is an option you can explore. Here you have two options.

  1. Walk to the nearest office and get
    your ticket.
  2. Call the phone numbers provided and
    see if you can get a ticket.


Ena Coach Bus Service is a well-known company especially to South Nyanza region. They have good (if otherwise, let us know) reputation among their customers. This is a company you may want to consider while traveling.

If you have been a customer, what are you experiences? And did you use our guide for Ena coach online booking?

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