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North Rift Shuttle; Contacts and Destinations

North Rift Shuttle; Contacts and Destinations

North Rift shuttle is a famous shuttle service that operates between the Nairobi and Eldoret town in the North rift hence the name. It is among the many shuttle companies that cropped up to fill the gap that was created within the transport service industry.

There was a time when for you to travel from Nairobi to any destination upcountry, you were to go to Machakos country bus station (famously known as Machakos Airport) to get a bus to your destination. To get a ticket there (and it is still so) was you were to be mugged, harassed and property stolen. Even after getting the ticket, you could not tell the time of departure of the buses.

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Some Kenyans got tired of this and the shuttles industry was born. Shuttles offer flexible services with quick movement that most passengers are looking for.  Among the many shuttles that was born out of this need is North Rift shuttles.

North Rift Shuttles Destinations

North Rift shuttle is one of the leading SACCOs in Kenya linking Nairobi and major towns in North Rift Valley and Western Kenya.

Its major destination is the Rift Valley town of Eldoret. It also operates to Kitale, Bungoma, Kitale, Nakuru and Kakamega.

The company operates 11 seater shuttles, with their trademark green and red colors. These are the routes the shuttle operates on

  • Nairobi – Eldoret (Main Route)
  • Nairobi – Bungoma
  • Eldoret – Bungoma–Chwele
  • Eldoret – Kitale
  • Nairobi – Kitale – Kimilili
  • Nakuru – Eldoret
  • Nairobi – Nakuru

Note that the shuttles operate on a round trip.

North Rift Shuttles Contacts

Main Office  

Mfangano Trade Center Behind Afya Center.

P.O. Box: 6769 – 00200 City Square,

 Mfangano Lane, Nairobi.

Eldoret Office

Location: Total Petrol Station, opposite Cool Joint.

Contact number: 0727 551 047.

Kitale Office

Location: Next to Matunda Bus along Kwanza – Kapenguria road.

Contact Number: 0720 825 527.

Nakuru Office

Location: Kenyatta Lane, Nakuru

Contact Number: 0707 625 858.

Bungoma Office

Location: Total Petrol Station opposite Nyanza Supermarket.

Contact Number: 0710 501 681.

North Rift Shuttles Question and Answer Section.

If you have a question, as most readers do, in this section I try to answer them. Here are some of the common questions and answers to them.

What can I expect to pay to my destination?

Using Nairobi- Eldoret as the standard route, the fare is usually between Ksh.800.00 to Ksh. 1200.00 during the normal season. However, when the traffic is high such as during festivities such as Easter and Christmas, the fare can shoot up to Ksh.2500.00.

Can I book Online?

Unfortunately, you cannot. North Rift Shuttles have no booking platform. The only thing you can do is to walk to their offices and get your ticket.

If you are lucky to have their number, you can call and reserve a seat, though this rarely works.

Can I book in Advance?

You cannot, in most cases you have to present yourself at there booking office.

How many people does the shuttle carry?  

The normal 14-seater shuttles carry 11 passengers, which in most cases is comfortable enough.

Do the shuttles have Wi-Fi and Charging Ports?

No, you have to prepare to carry a fully charged phone or a power bank. There is no Wi-Fi on board either.

Are there any refreshment on board?

No. If you are traveling from Nairobi to Eldoret of further, it is common for these shuttles to make a stopover at Nakuru. The stops are usually at designated restaurants for refreshments.

Do the shuttles operate at night?  

Rarely do they do so, however, I have seen them operate at night when traffic is high.

Do the shuttles have a timetable?

No. As soon as the vehicle gets full, it leaves. This means you can leave within minutes if traffic is high or wait for hours if traffic (number of people travelling) is low.  

How do I get my vehicle to the Sacco?

You will need to call the Head Office and make an application.

How is the customer service like?

I can say average, though some people will disagree. Others will say pathetic, yet others will say good. It all depends on how you have been handled.

Here are some comments I found on their Facebook Page.

Gitau Njogu says, “What I know nrb office has rude official’s and Very dishonest.there is a time I book a vehicle from Westland 😗 @ 10.am morning but I was picked at 1.00 afternoon and yet I was told gari imetoka sahii…..kuwa barabarani. To date I have the no. of the dishonest guy’’.

Debra Webo says, “I hate this n am shifting from this shuttle how on Earth you promise n convince a customer that you are traveling to Bungoma only for you to end your journey in Eldoret,n sell somebody to a vehicle that has no signs of being filled up it hurts!!!??”

Donah Ejilo says, “Very disappointed with how your Nairobi office has handled us today… Especially the brown receipt guy….He just told to go and look for another vehicle thanks to the modern coast.”

If are still asking about their customer service, I hope these comments above give you a picture of what to expect. Luggage have been known to disappear yet now one takes responsibility.


North Rift Shuttles are among the reliable passengers service Sacco on the Nairobi-Eldoret route especially if you want to travel fast. However, I travel a lot on the Nairobi-Eldoret route, and one of the drawback of these shuttles is that they are driven carelessly. It common to see these vehicles overtaking dangerously and competing with each other on the road.

What is your experience traveling on North Rift shuttle like? Share with us.

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