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Great Rift Shuttle Destinations and Contacts

Great Rift Shuttle Destinations and Contacts

Great Rift Shuttle is a shuttle service that rivals the North Rift shuttle on the Nairobi-Eldoret Route, with further destinations such as Bungoma and Kitale.

Moreover, as the name suggests, its destinations are to the North of the former Rift Valley province and parts of Western Kenya.

When writing these articles, I bring you all the truth that is behind these shuttles. At no time do I promote any of them, but I always do diligent research to bring you all the information you need to know without being bias.

Great Rift Shuttle Destinations

Great Rift Shuttle operates to and from Nairobi to Eldoret, Kitale, Bungoma and Malaba. It operates on these popular routes.




Nairobi- Eldoret- Malaba

Eldotet- Kitale

Eldoret- Bungoma

Eldoret- Malaba

Note that it operates to and from these destinations.

Great Rift Offices and Contacts

Main Office

Nairobi Office – Mfangano Trade Centre building, along Mfangano Street, Nairobi Kenya.

Cell: 0795 040139

Other Offices

There also offices to its destinations.

Eldoret- Opposite National Bank on Oloo Street near KDVA.

Kitale– At Mosop building Kitale Railways.

Bungoma– Keringet Hotel, Moi Avenue, Bungoma.

Question and Answer Session

I get so many questions about Great Rift Shuttles, I am going to highlight some of them and give you the answers to the best of my knowledge.

What are the Fares?

A typical ticket will cost you anything from Ksh. 800.00 to Ksh. 1400.00 from Nairobi to Eldoret and even as far as Bungoma. However, this is on a typical day. During rush days, such as Christmas festivities, you could pay as much as Ksh.2500.00.

Can I book in Advance?

No. You have to be physically present yourself to get a ticket or send someone.

Do they operate at night?

No. Unless there so many people traveling, Great Rift Shuttles do not operate at night.

How safe are these Great Rift Shuttles?

I can say relatively safe. However, relative is a relative word. They are no different from the North Rift Shuttle. One this I do not like about them is how they are sometimes driven dangerously, especially when competing with the North Rift shuttles.

It there an online booking platform?

No, I tried looking for a website they own but could not get one. They however have a Facebook page. This means that for you to book a ticket, you then need to go to their offices.

Any Wi-Fi onboard?

No. Like most Saccos on Kenyan roads, there is no Wi-Fi onboard. There are also no charging ports.

Can I send a parcel via Great Rift Shuttle?

Yes, they have a parcel service, but I must admit that there have been complaints from customers about stolen parcels. Not advisable to send parcels via Great Rift Shuttle unless you want to risk.

How is Customer service like?

Again, I say average. This depends on how individuals have handled. Here is some feedback from their Facebook page for you to decide.

Chabby Charles Says, “Morning have been using your shuttle for some time and I must comment that you offer good services, but this morning am a disappointed customer why do you do write down on your luggage receipt numbers that are not yours KTL-0716-178176, i had send money to that number and they confirmed they will pick me later on after calling a several number from your offices in Nairobi they confirmed that number is yours but apparently after 2hrs was told that’s not your number, is it really fair you kept me waiting for more than 3hrs then later on you tell me that’s not your number that’s not fair kindly if that’s not your number itoeni kwa your receipts. I Have lost my money and you wasted my time, God is watching you. Thank you.’’

“Private investigations indicate one of the staff facilitated the stealing of my luggage. Activate your CCTV if you have any. The footage available clearly shows one of your staff handing over the luggage to the accomplice,” Enoch Muganda Says.


You may want to consider Great Rift Shuttle especially when you are traveling to parts of North Rift and Western Kenya. If you decide to board, be vigilant and keep an eye on your parcels and luggage.

Do you travel often on these shuttles? Share with us your story.

Be safe on the road.

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