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Mololine Prestige Shuttle Contacts and Destinations

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Mololine prestige shuttle is a shuttle service that operates to the west of the Nairobi from its base in Nairobi. It operates on the same route as and therefore a direct competition to other shuttle services such as;

Mololine Prestige Shuttle Destinations

From its base on Latema road Nairobi, the shuttle service operates to the following destinations;

Mololine prestige shuttle Nairobi contacts; location and working hours

Mololine prestige shuttle Nairobi Offices are located on Latema Road, Embassy Cinema building. It is very easy to locate these shuttles once you get to Latema Road due to their characteristic colors.

The Nairobi contact is 0711 558891

As for the working hours, these is what the is available


However, the truth on the ground is that they operate as long as there are passengers. In addition, this can be done into the dead of the night as long as there are people wishing to travel.

Moreover, like most shuttles, they do not have a timetable thus; they only leave when the shuttles are full.

Mololine Prestige Shuttle Nakuru Office

This company also has offices in Nakuru town in the heart of Rift Valley.


Mololine Prestige shuttle like most shuttles, are loved by many because of their flexible schedules. For example, you do not need to book a ticket in advance but you can be sure of getting to your destination within the shortest time possible. Moreover, these shuttle carry as few as 11 passengers, hence getting them full is very easy.

On the other hand, like other shuttle companies, they do not have fixed fares which fluctuate depending on the traffic available. To Nakuru from Nairobi, expect anything between Ksh.400 to KSh.800. To Eldoret expect to pay Ksh. 800 to Ksh. 1500.00

What experience do you have with these shuttles?  Share with others so that we can share with others.

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