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Safaricom Is the Leading Fixed Internet Provider In Kenya

Safaricom Is the Leading Fixed Internet Provider In Kenya

Safaricom Is the Leading fixed internet provider in Kenya removing JTL and Zuku from the top positions.

Data from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) over the fourth quarter of the 2020/2021 financial year (March to June) shows that the total number of active internet subscriptions grew to 46.7 million from 43.7 million that was recorded in the quarter before.

From this data it shows a 12.8% jump compared to the 40.9 million subscriptions that were recorded for the fourth quarter of the preceding financial year.  

However, interesting data shows that mobile subscriptions constitute more than 99% of the total data subscriptions. This is to say that most of the people are accessing the internet through their hand held devises such as phones and tablets.

Though Safaricom is the leading Broadband Provider in Kenya, it is also leading the market share with 68.0 percent a drop of 0.2 percent the previous year.

Other telecommunication companies, Airtel Kenya, Telkom, Equitel have a market share of 4.6%, 04%, and 0.4%, respectively.

However, in terms of fixed data subscriptions, fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) is the most popular product with more than 439K subscriptions. It is followed by a cable modem, and fixed wireless connections with 178K and 114K subscriptions respectively.

The Data also shows that the most subscribers subscribe to the 2 Mbps and 10 Mbps

The data below shows the market share of the telecoms.

ProviderNo of subscriptions% market share
Wananchi Group217K29.6
Poa! Internet65K8.9
Liquid Telecom14K2.0
Dimension Data9.9K1.4
Telkom Kenya4.3K0.6
Mobile Telephone Network (MTN)0.4K0.1

Information from CCK also shows that the last quarter also saw a jump in the number broad subscriptions from 27.5 million from 25.8 million representing a 6.7 percent jump compared to the last quarter. Moreover, mobile broadband accounted for Mobile broadband accounted for 97.4% of the overall broadband subscriptions.

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