Wednesday, November 29, 2023

    Hi there! I’m…

    Judith Atieno

    I am a researcher who enjoys helping people across the road, painting, and meditation. People say am kind and outgoing, am also be very pessimistic and a bit impatient. Whatever..! I love writing, though that is not what I always do. However, I won’t mind writing articles that you the reader on the edge.

    Hello! I’m

    Caroline Wairimu

    They call me Nimmo. But that is not all . Am a blogger passionate about business and shopping. I love going shopping and and sampling the best the land can offer. But as I do that , I bring you my experiences and those of my friends.

    Hi! I’m

    Maishah Marsden

    I’m the Founder and Principal at ShopInKenya.Com and Maishah.Co.Ke Blogs. My peers call me Maisha (Swahili for Life), though that isn’t a nickname. I am from Kenya, and live in Nairobi (often spend my vacation on the sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast). Am part-time blogger and when not doing this, I am with my students teaching Chemistry and Mathematics. I’m an entrepreneur and passionate about driving change and growth through online marketing content. I am devoted to what I do. You can always rely on me for help.