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Mash Poa Online Booking Guide 2024 Routes, Fares, and Contacts

Mash Poa Online Booking Guide 2024 Routes, Fares, and Contacts

Mash Poa is one of the most popular bus companies in Kenya. Mash Poa online booking(mash cool) can be done from your phone or computer and within a few minutes, you will have an e-ticket.

I will be taking you through the process of getting your ticket.

But let us answer a few direct questions.

Can I Book Mash Poa Online?

Yes, you can book a ticket on Mash Poa ticket online at the comfort of your home of office. You can print the ticket at home and submit it as you board the the bus.

What are Mash Poa Contacts?

Depending on where you are, Mash Poa has offices in several cities in Kenya. Here are contacts of offices in Nairobi and Mombasa.
Mombasa offices:

Which Cities do Mash Bus Operate to?

The bus operates to major town from its base in Mombasa to destinations such as Nairobi upper Eastern region and major cities in western Kenya.

Welcome to the ultimate guide for convenient and stress-free online booking with Mash Poa Bus! At MashPoaBus.com, we strive to provide you with an exceptional travel experience that exceeds your expectations. Our user-friendly online platform allows you to book your preferred routes and explore competitive fares, ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish. Let’s delve into the details and discover why Mash Poa Bus is your ideal travel companion in Kenya.

Exploring Mash Poa Bus Routes

Mash Poa Bus offers an extensive network of routes, connecting major cities and towns across Kenya. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a business trip, or visiting loved ones, our well-established routes ensure you reach your destination efficiently. Here are some popular routes serviced by Mash Poa Bus:

  1. Nairobi to Mombasa: Experience the beauty of coastal Kenya by booking a trip from Nairobi to Mombasa. Enjoy the scenic landscapes, vibrant culture, and sandy beaches along the way.
  2. Nairobi to Kisumu: If you’re looking to explore the western region of Kenya, hop on a Mash Poa Bus from Nairobi to Kisumu. Marvel at the breathtaking views of Lake Victoria and immerse yourself in the diverse local heritage.
  3. Nairobi to Nakuru: Witness the splendor of the Great Rift Valley by traveling from Nairobi to Nakuru. Indulge in nature’s wonders, including Lake Nakuru National Park, renowned for its flamingo population and captivating wildlife.
  4. Mombasa to Malindi: Embark on a coastal adventure by taking a Mash Poa Bus from Mombasa to Malindi. Immerse yourself in the rich Swahili culture, explore pristine beaches, and enjoy water sports and leisure activities.

These are just a few examples of the many routes available through Mash Poa Bus. Our commitment to expanding our network ensures that you can reach your desired destination conveniently and reliably.

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If you intend to book a ticket now, you can follow me through this process.

Mash Poa Online Booking; How to get your E-ticket.

We understand the value of your time and aim to make your booking experience seamless. Our user-friendly online platform enables you to secure your seats quickly and effortlessly. Follow these simple steps to book your Mash Poa Bus tickets online:

  1. Visit our Website: Go to MashPoaBus.com and navigate to the booking section.
  2. Select Your Route: Choose your desired origin and destination from the available options. Our comprehensive route selection ensures that you can find the most convenient option for your journey.
  3. Choose Travel Dates: Select the departure and return dates that suit your travel plans. Mash Poa Bus offers flexible scheduling to accommodate your preferences.
  4. Enter Passenger Details: Provide the required passenger information, including names, contact details, and any special requests. Rest assured that your privacy and personal information are protected.
  5. Select Seats: Choose your preferred seats from the available seating chart. Our modern buses are equipped with comfortable seating arrangements, ensuring a pleasant journey.
  6. Confirm and Pay: Review your booking details and proceed to the payment page. We offer secure and reliable payment options to ensure your transactions are protected.

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an e-ticket via email, containing all the necessary information for your journey. Simply present your e-ticket to our friendly staff before boarding, and you’re all set to embark on a remarkable adventure with Mash Poa Bus.

To get your ticket, just follow the following steps this step by step guide.

Go to the Mash Poa Online booking page by following this page, http://www.mashpoa.com( If the link does not work, copy it and paste it in your browser) . This takes you to a page that looks this way.

mash poa online booking

Now fill in the required information. As you can see, this is your destination, the town you coming from, date of travel and number of passengers traveling. If you are happy with the information, hit the search bus button.

This takes you to a page that looks this way.


As you can see, this lists the buses available. For my case I was searching for a bus from Kisumu to Nairobi. I got one bus available.  From the screenshot, you can see the departure time of the bus, the number of seats available and the price of the seats.

Mash Poa has three classes, which is VIP, business and normal. That is why you have three prices listed. Now click on View Seats.

That takes us here.

mash poa online booking

The yellow seats are VIP seats, the green ones are business while the blue ones are normal. You will notice that grey color around a seat shows that it is booked while white shows that it is not booked.

Now decide which class you want to travel in, and then choose a seat.

Once selected, you will see on your left the following.

  1. The pickup point, where you will board the bus.
  2. The Drop Off point.
  3. The selected seats.
  4. The cost of the seats.
  5. Then the total fare.

If you are happy with what you have selected, then hit the continue button. If not. You can always go back by and start all over again.

You get to this page after hitting the continue button.

mash poa booking

Now a pop-up page comes asking you to either Sign up with email, which is if you do not have an account. If you already have an account, you can Sign In. You can also choose to continue as a guest.

Please choose appropriately.

For my case, I choose proceed as a guest. When that is done, a pop up page pops from your right hand. You are required to fill in your primary information. See the image below.

mash poa

Now fill in your information accordingly. Once done, hit the proceed to pay button below the page.

 This takes you to this page.

mash poa online booking

Here to have to pay attention to one detail, your phone. Yes your phone will be prompted to pay via Mpesa. When prompted, please pay.

Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation message that your payment is successful. Later you will receive a message on phone to confirm your booking. An e-mail will simultaneously be sent to your email address with your e-ticket.

You can print it and present it at pick up point.

That is how Mash Poa online booking is done.

Competitive Fares and Special Offers

At Mash Poa Bus, we believe that affordable travel should be accessible to all. That’s why we offer competitive fares, ensuring excellent value for your money. Additionally, keep an eye out for our special offers and promotions, providing you with even more savings on your journeys.

Superior Comfort and Safety Measures

Your well-being and comfort are our top priorities. Mash Poa Bus operates a modern fleet of well-maintained buses, equipped with various amenities to enhance your travel experience. Our buses feature comfortable seating, ample legroom, air conditioning, and onboard entertainment, ensuring a pleasant journey.

We also prioritize your safety during every trip. Our experienced and professional drivers undergo rigorous training to ensure your peace of mind. We strictly adhere to road safety regulations and implement comprehensive safety measures on board. Rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Mash Poa Bus.

Customer Support and Feedback

At Mash Poa Bus, we value your feedback and strive to provide exceptional customer support. If you have any inquiries, concerns, or require assistance, our dedicated customer service team is available to help. Reach out to us via phone, email, or our website’s live chat feature, and we’ll be delighted to assist you promptly.

Mash Poa booking offices contacts

Here is a list of Mash Poa booking offices contacts countrywide.

That is if you want to physically book your ticket the old way, the Mash Poa Online Booking way

Mombasa offices:


Embark on a remarkable journey with Mash Poa Bus, where convenience, comfort, and affordability converge. Our efficient online booking process, extensive route network, competitive fares, and commitment to your safety ensure an unparalleled travel experience. Book your tickets today and discover the joy of hassle-free travel with Mash Poa Bus!

Mash Poa is one of the reputable companies in Kenya, but do not take my word for it. You can try them.

All you need to do is first book your ticket online and have a ride with them.

Thank you for following me through this article, remember to sign up for more.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee availability or pricing accuracy. Please visit MashPoaBus.com for the most up-to-date information regarding routes, fares, and bookings.

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