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Western Kenya Counties and Their Administrative Towns

Thanks to devolution, we now have several Western Kenya counties depending on how you look at them, either politically or geographically. These counties before...

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    Nairobi Bus Online Booking, Destinations and Contacts

    I know you are here because you are looking for Nairobi Bus Online Booking. However, I will disappoint you by giving you a straight answer.

    Nairobi Bus does not offer online booking like many buses that operate from Machakos Bus Station in Nairobi. Other buses that you will find here include the famous Eldoret Express.

    If you are looking for reputable buses that operate on the same route as Nairobi Bus, you may need to consider Easy Coach, Modern Coast, Dreamline, Mash Poa, and many others. Just search for ‘Bus Bookings’ or ‘Bookings’ on this site and you should be able to see more available options.  

    Moreover, there are also dozens of shuttles that operate on the same route.

    See North Rift, Great Rift, Blueline, Classic Luxury, Prestige, and many more.

    Nairobi Bus Routes

    This bus company operates from Machakos Bus Station, famously known as Machakos Country Bus Station. From here, it operates to western Kenya Counties. Some of its popular destinations are

    • Kericho
    • Muhoroni
    • Kisumu
    • Siaya
    • Mbale Kenya
    • Majengo
    • Chavakali
    • Kapsabet
    • Kakamega
    • Kaimosi
    • Mumias
    • Busia
    • Bungoma
    • Eldoret
    • Webuye
    • Matunda
    • Moi’s Bridge
    • Kitale
    • Kapenguria

    It also serves towns and shopping centers between there major towns.

    Nairobi Bus Online Booking

    As I said earlier, Nairobi Bus does not have an online booking portal. So how do you get your ticket? You will need to go to Machakos Country Bus Station, locate the bus, locate the conductors and get your ticket.

    If you have never been to this bus station, my advice is that it can be messy and you may end up losing your luggage and personal effects. Please consider using the other bus listed above if safety is your main concern.

    Nairobi Bus Contacts

    In writing this article, I was not able get the official contacts of this company. Seemingly, even when I made a visit to the buses at Machakos Country bus, I was not able to get any contact information.   


    Nairobi Bus is one of those buses you take because you have no options left. Especially during festive season such as the Christmas craziness.

    There are better bus companies you can sped you money on.  However, whichever you choose, remember to keep safe and always look over your shoulder.

    Have you ever traveled by Nairobi Bus? What was your experience like? Please share that with us.

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