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Prestige Shuttle Destinations and Contacts


Prestige shuttle is company that as they say themselves, are a well-established transport company, with a fleet of over 100 vehicles, driven by expertise, reliable, fully experienced and professional drivers.

They operate to many destinations all over Kenya. It is one of the companies that changed the game of shuttle services when we saw beautiful ladies as ‘air’ hostess that grace the shuttles. Those that have traveled with these shuttles can attest to this and will tell you they are good at their game. Moreover, they have an above-average customer rating on their Facebook Page.

Nevertheless, do not take my word for it, you too can book a ticket and experience all this yourself.

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Prestige Shuttle Destinations.

The main base of the Prestige shuttles is Nairobi. From Nairobi, they pliers to several destinations to former Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza.

Here are the destinations

Nairobi- Kisumu

Nairobi – Luanda

Nairobi – Maseno

Nairobi- Muhoroni

Nairobi – Nakuru

Nairobi – Bumala

Nairobi – Busia

Nairobi – Kakamega

Nairobi – Kericho

Nairobi – Ugunja

Nairobi – Yala

Nakuru – Busia

Nakuru – Kakamega

Nakuru – Kericho

Nakuru – Kisumu

Off course you can get from these destinations back to Nairobi or whichever destination you began from.

Prestige Shuttle Contacts

Main Office

PO Box 345678



Head Office Reception: 0715 358 820

Nakuru Office: 0790 491 750

Nairobi-Nakuru Office: 0790 491 749

Nairobi-Kisumu Office: 0790 358 665

The Nairobi Office is located on Tsavo Lane, Just behind Odeon.

Other Services

Apart from shuttle services, they also do offer parcel services. You can easily send a parcel from any of their destinations to other destinations and the receiver should be able to easily collect it upon proper identification.

The also offer car hire services, to individual, groups or organizations. To hire a vehicle, you will need to go to their booking office.  If you are not able to get to their office, you can call via 0721-949950 | 0707-472473.


Prestige shuttles are comfortable shuttles that you can try out especially for those that frequently travel to Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza.

Have you ever traveled on Prestige shuttles, of so, what you rating of this company? Let us know.

Maishah Marsden
Maishah Marsden
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