airtel shops in nairobi-how to top up airtel credit

Airtel shops in Nairobi: Locations and Working hours.

Looking for Airtel shops in Nairobi? Here I have the list. Remember Airtel Kenya is the largest network in Kenya second only to Safaricom. Though Safaricom is bigger than Airtel by...

Safaricom shops within Nairobi

Sometimes you just what to find where Safaricom shops within Nairobi are located. And most often if you what some information or are in need of a particular...
Quickmart 24-hour branch Lavington

Quickmart opens 24-hour branch in Lavington

Quickmart has opened a 24-hour branch in Lavington, Nairobi. The supermarket is located at the Valley Arcade. Quickmart is one of the top supermarkets in Kenya and seems...
Jumia collection centres in Kenya-jumia cancels picking items at pick up stations.

Jumia Collection Centres In Kenya; A Complete List.

Here is complete list of Jumia Collection centres in Kenya. Jumia Kenya is arguably the largest e-commerce in Kenya. And as you may know, it ships millions of products to thousands of...
shopping on jumia one million shillings

Shopping on Jumia could win you one million shillings.

Shopping on Jumia could win you one million shillings at the end of this week. Jumia Kenya has been running promotions to entice shoppers to make purchases on...
utensils shops in kenya

Utensils shops in Kenya: Location and Links.

These are utensils shops in Kenya. In the recent past have been writing articles that show you where to buy most of the stuff you may be looking for. I have written...
online supermarkets in Kenya

Online Supermarkets In Kenya.

Here is a list of online supermarkets in Kenya. Today, we live in a world where we want to do things fast. Online shopping is one of those things we do to...
nike shops in kenya

Nike Shops in Kenya: Locations and Contacts

Here I am going to list to you Nike shops in Kenya. Previously, I wrote about Adidas shops in Kenya and I thought it fit also to write about Nike.
adidas shops in Kenya

Adidas Shops in Kenya: Locations and Contacts.

Here is a list of Adidas shops in Kenya. I have labored to bring you the best of you are looking to buy any Adidas products in Kenya. Adidas...
spices shops in Kenya-min

Spices shops in Kenya: Location and Links.

Spices shops In Kenya are not so many. I have labored to bring you the best few. This are places you can buy spices either online or in traditional mortar and brick...