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Petrol Price In Kenya To Increase In Latest Review

Petrol Price In Kenya To Increase In Latest Review

The price of petrol in Kenya is set to increase marginally in the latest monthly price review announced by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority.

This may come as bad news to Kenyans who are already grappling with high costs of living.

The price of petrol will increase by Sh.0.29 per litre, while the prices of diesel and kerosene decreased by Sh.0.88 and Sh.2.31 per litre respectively. The prices announced are effective 15th July 2019 to 15th August 2019.

A statement by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority said, “The changes in this month’s prices have been as a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol decreasing by 1.83% from US$538.8 (Sh.55,469.46) per cubic metre in May 2019 to US$528.26 (Sh.54,384.37) per cubic metre in June.”

“Diesel decreased by 3.07% from US$535.84 (Sh.55, 164.73) per cubic metre to US$519.39 (Sh.53, 471.20); while that of kerosene decreased by 5.49% from US$535.84 (Sh. 55,164.73) to US$519.39 (Sh. 53,471.20) per cubic metre.”

Motorists in Nairobi will now purchase super petrol at Sh115.39 per litre, with diesel retailing at Sh103.88 and kerosene at Sh101.97 per.

This is a huge relief for diesel users and domestic users who use kerosene as a fuel or for domestic lighting.

In Mombasa consumers will purchase super petrol at Sh112.74, while diesel will retail at Sh101.25 and kerosene at Sh 99.35 at the pump.

Nakuru motorists will buy super petrol at Sh115.86, diesel at Sh104.58 and kerosene at Sh102.69 a liter.

These commodities are to cost more to cities in western Kenya as they are furthest from Mombasa the entry point of the fuel to the country.

You can check the price of petrol, diesel and Kerosene near you here.

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