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6 Fast Moving Products On Jumia and Other Online Shops

6 Fast Moving Products On Jumia and Other Online Shops

There are products that move fast on Jumia but there are those products that move very fast. Hi, there buddy and I am glad you are reading this blog post.

This is the first blog post of 2020 and am glad that you are here reading it. By the way, happy New Year and I hope you have a prosperous one too.

So, what are your resolutions this year?

I know you have made some or you are putting some on paper, coming up with a list of things to do in 2020. One of my 2019 resolutions was to begin a blog and make passive income out of it. I needed to make some extra cash. This gave birth to the blog you are seeing here. I do not regret ever stating. Though the experience has been tough, it has been equally rewarding. If you can write a few post a week and have a have a topic that interest you, you too can begin a blog in 2020 and make passive income out of it.

If you have luck in selling stuff, then why not learn how to sell online in Kenya or learn how to sell on Jumia Kenya?

Truth be told, most off our resolutions for the year 2020 will be to make extra coins and maybe, just maybe have a second stream of income.

That is why today I bringing you products that you can sell on Jumia. Moreover, I am not just bringing you any products; I am bringing you products that move very fast on Jumia Kenya.

You can learn how to sell on Jumia, if you do not know how to do it. If Jumia is not your thing, then you can sell these same products on any online platform and make a large profit.

Products That Will Move Fast on Jumia and Other Online Platforms in 2020


Show me anyone who does not own a phone and I tell you that they are either babies or live in another world of their own. Even jailbirds have phones in there.

Kenya has the largest mobile penetration in Kenya. Coupled by having a very large youth population, mobile phones (read smartphones) are a hot product.

Smartphones that have a price tag between Ksh. 10000.00 and Ksh.30000.00 often do well on on Jumia and other e-commerce platforms. Personally, I do not stay with a phone for more than 6 months. I will always want to have the latest gadget available. Though some other electronics move fast too, you cannot compare them with phones.

Just ask yourself, how often do you replace your TV, fridge or even a music player? Phones depreciate very fast and the need by people especially youth to move with the current trends will often lead to huge purchases.


Do not get me worry here. Did I say that TVs? Yes. Though I said earlier that TVs are not often replaced a lot, a research conducted earlier last year shows that TVs are the second fastest moving products online.

Old sets of TV are being replace with by digital TVs (those that come with an in build decoder). Moreover these TVs are presentable and very portable. Still on things TVs, we have the smart TVs. With homes being connected to Internet, Smart TVs are the in thing of 2020. One of the fast moving products on Jumia.


Laptops are fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. More and more people are choosing to work from home. More and more people are choosing to study from home and many more want to have all their documents (business or otherwise) be stored on a laptop.

You cannot go wrong with this one.

You only have to be a trustworthy dealer and offer after sell services to buyers and of course sell quality products.  


One advantage tablets have over laptops is that they aren’t too bulky, neither are they too small as phones. Tablets come in between laptops and phones.

People will always look for devices that are lightweight but with bigger screens. That is where tablets come in.

Again, quality is key here. Selling substandard products will hurt your market and indeed eat into your revenue. As is often said, customer is King.

Hi-Fi Systems

At fourth position is the Hi-Fi system.  And am not talking of expensive systems. Research shows that Hi-Fi system with a price range of KSh.3000.00 to Ksh. 20000.00 are some of the products that are moving very fast on Jumia and other online platform.


Did the smartphones kill the camera? The answer is partly yes and partly no. If you want to get some serious images then the smartphone cameras are no march to what traditional cameras can do. And numbers do not lie, Cameras are among the fast moving online in Kenya today.


There are other moving products on Jumia such as women clothing’s, women shoes and baby products. However, dealing with such often has its own challenges. Most often people don’t get the size right leading to returns.

With the 5 products listed above, you cannot go wrong.  

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