call Airtel Customer Care from other Networks

Airtel Customer Care: Can I call from other Networks?

Can I call Airtel customer care from other networks? That is a question I received from one of my friends who was seeking to replace his Airtel line that had been misplaced....
Gotv-Businesses begin Implementing 14% V.AT

GOTV; 7 Little Things You Need to Know

Gotv is one of the best alternative to premium TV (Dstv, Zuku) in Kenya. Off course, we have the Startimes but honestly speaking, whether you are a lover of sport or some...
best things to sell online in kenya

7 Best things to sell online in Kenya

What are the best things to sell online in Kenya? Now after learning how to sell online, you are now considering kick staring your online business. I have taken...
how to sell online in kenya

How to sell online in Kenya- A beginner’s Guide 2019

So you want to learn how to sell online in Kenya? That is a good thought. And why shouldn’t it be when people are making money online selling all kind of stuff.
Safaricom Mpesa App 4

Safaricom Mpesa App On My Safaricom App.

You think that you do not need the Safaricom Mpesa App? Think again. Some years ago, to be precise about 10 years ago, if any...
leant using Safaricom’s Fuliza

What I learnt using Safaricom’s Fuliza.

This is what I learnt using Safaricom's Fuliza. I have had the opportunity to experience firsthand how this system works. Besides it easy to explain something you have gone through than imagine...
online shopping in Kenya 2018

Online shopping in Kenya in 2019: 5 mistakes you are making right now.

Online shopping in Kenya in 2019 has been on the rise thanks to reducing cost of data in the country. You just have to look at the number of online shopping sites to understand...

Jumia Kenya Contacts: Reliable Ways to Contact Jumia

Having Jumia Kenya Contacts at hand can make you enjoy the shopping experience that Jumia offers. Let us face it, not every shopping experience goes as expected. That...

Jumia Kenya: Understanding Kenya’s largest E-Commerce platform

Jumia Kenya is an online ecommerce website that sells and ships products to all parts of Kenya. More Kenyans are getting online every day. Mobile penetrations is at its highest level in the country....