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DSTV Decoder Prices in Kenya

DSTV Decoder Prices in Kenya

DSTV offers premium TV content in Kenya, that’s why most of us would be interested in decoder prices.

The truth is there is that no competitor that can give DSTV a run to their money. They are simply the best; and you have to look at their banquet to understand this.

If you are a lover of sports and more so the English Premier League (EPL), you will appreciate the fact that it is only them who can bring us those good games.

So what decoders are available in Kenya? And what is there price.

DSTV Description and Decoder prices in Kenya

Here is what is what to expect in the market.

Decoder Description Price
  HD Zappa Decoder       Comes​​ with 1​​ month compact subscription. Does not dish and​​ installation.    KSh 6,499
  Explora Decoder     Excludes dish kit and installation.​​    KSh 3,500


You will notice that the prices do not include installation. If you wish that the dish be installed for you (this is better left to professionals), it will cost you more. The HD Zappa Decoder comes with one month compact subscription to start you off.

You can buy this decoder at stores such as Jumia or your nearest supermarket.

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