Home Reviews Faiba 4G Bundles: A Hands On Experience Using Faiba Mi-Fi

Faiba 4G Bundles: A Hands On Experience Using Faiba Mi-Fi

Faiba 4G Bundles: A Hands On Experience Using Faiba Mi-Fi

Today I want to discuss Faiba 4G bundles. Why you may ask. Because I have been using Faiba Internet for some time and I have hands on experience.

However, before we delve deeper in this, what is Faiba? Most of us are aware of the hilarious Faiba adverts on TV that leave us in stitches. Unknown to many, Faiba has its own story to tell.

Faiba is the brainchild of Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL) that launched in the Kenyan Market In December 2017. This innovation sent shock waves to traditional 4G provides such as Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom.


Jamii Telecommunications Limited brought two things, one, cheap 4G bundles and second they incorporated the 700MHz in their 4G network, a first in Kenya. A move that saw many would be customers have to buy compatible phones or buy the Mi-Fi.

What Faiba 4G bundles are available?

If you are tired of using Safaricom (by the way Safaricom bundles get exhausted very first- Safaricom is a hungry cow), Airtel or Telkom bundles then you may want to give Faiba 4G bundles a try.

So what options do you have?

Here are they are.

Data Bundle Validity Cost (in Ksh)
1GB 1 Day 50
8GB 1 Week 300
15GB 1 Week 500
25GB 1 Month 1000
40GB 1 Month 2000
70GB 1 Month 3000
120GB 1 Month 4000
210GB 1 Month 6000

As you can see, these data offers are seriously giving Safaricom and other Telecoms a run for their money. I have been buying the 25GB monthly bundle and comfortable exhausted it within a month. However, in the past one year since I began this blog, my rate of consumption has been high and I currently consume up to 70GB in a month.

If you are not a heavy data consumer, the 25GB bundle should be more than enough for a month. These Faiba 4G data bundles can make any sane consumer switch over to Faiba. The only bad calculation JTL did not do well was price the 40 GB monthly data at Ksh. 2000. At that price, I would rather buy the 25GB bundle twice within a month, which is doable.

The other downside is that you have to consumer your data bundle within the validity period. If you do not, you lose any unused data. Unused data does not roll to the next day, week or month.

Besides the data bundles above, there are other Faiba 4G bundles namely Fisi Hour, Kifaru, Ndovu and Simba.

This is how they work.

For Fisi Hour, you pay Ksh. 150 and you can use unlimited data during the hour. This is great especially if you have large files such as videos and movies you can download within the hour.

Kifaru bundle costs Ksh. 1500. It is a one month bundle that you 30GB, 200 SMS and 200 on net minutes. Ndovu on the other hand will set you back for Ksh. 2500 but you get 60GB, 500 SMS and 350 on net minutes. Lastly, we have the Simba with gives you 90GB, 700 SMS and 700 on net minutes.

If you love this in table form, here it is.

Bundle Name Cost (in Ksh) What You Get
Fisi 150 One hour unlimited internet.
Kifaru 1500 30GB Data200 SMS200 On-net minutes
Ndovu 2500 60GB Data500 SMS350 On-net minutes
Simba 4000 90GB Data700 SMS700 On-net minutes

What you need to enjoy Faiba 4G bundles

You will need a phone compatible with the 700 MHz spectrum. You can see a list of such phones here. The best bet is to buy a Faiba Mi-Fi.

The Mi-Fi has the following advantages.

  • You can connect up to 8 devices. This is great for a family set-up.
  • It is cheaper to buy. It would cost more buy a compatible phone.
  • It is portable and you can move around with it.

Faiba 4GB Mi-Fi are available at major outlets in Nairobi and major cities in Kenya.


Having used Faiba for the last one year, I can without fear of contradiction say that I have not been disappointed.  I often use the Mi-Fi in Nairobi. Recently I made a sweet discovery when I found out that I could use it at my rural home. That tells you the effort JTL has made to increase Faiba 4G coverage in Kenya.

With this information, you can give Faiba a try.

If you have been using the Faiba Mi-Fi, what is your experience? Share with us your thoughts here.

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