Home SERVICES Airtel Customer Care: Can I call from other Networks?

Airtel Customer Care: Can I call from other Networks?

Airtel Customer Care: Can I call from other Networks?

Can I call Airtel customer care from other networks? That is a question I received from one of my friends who was seeking to replace his Airtel line that had been misplaced.

Want a quick answer? Then the answer is yes. Read on to find out more.

Let us face it; if you have ever owned a single line phone and had two sim cards, you know the trouble that comes when try to use one or the other line. This is what made my friend lose his line.

This question made me thinking and I had to do some research.

In addition, the answer is whatI have written about here. So let us do this.

Airtel Customer Care Number

If you want to call Airtel customer care either from its network or from other networks, you call simply do that by dialing or calling 0733 100 100. If you calling from outside the country, you may need to put the prefix +254 before calling. That is +254733 100 100

You can also call 100 if you wish to talk to a corporate advisor. Data customers can get help by dialing 232 or using the (+254 (0)733100100) number.

Help for Prepaid and Postpaid from Airtel Customer Care

Whether you are a prepaid customer of a postpaid customer, you call still get help from the two numbers. Remember you can call from any line and from any network.

More over if you are a corporate customer, you can also call the same numbers. Airtel takes all the trouble to make sure that its customers are well taken care.

Need more help?

If you are within Nairobi, you can visit any of the Airtel shops for help. Most of these shops will solve your problem.  

Other contacts

Here are other contacts you call use to contact Airtel;

P.O.Box 73146, City Square, 00200, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 734 110000
Tel: + 254 733 100 100
Email: customerservice@ke.airtel.com.
Website: www.africa.airtel.com/kenya
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AirtelKe
Twitter: https://twitter.com/airtel_ke


Yes, you can get in touch with Airtel customer care from other networks as I have advised above.

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