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Prestige Shuttle Nairobi Office Contacts and Stage Location

Prestige Shuttle Nairobi Office Contacts and Stage Location

Today we are going to answer a few questions; what are the prestige Shuttle Nairobi Contacts and stage location.

If that is what brought you here, then read on, we are not going waste your time but give you all the facts that you need.

Prestige Shuttle Nairobi Stage Location

If you are trying to location prestige offices in Nairobi, all you need to do is located Odeon. This is a common meeting place for people in Nairobi and thus well known.

Once there, move along Latema Road as you move towards River Road. If you are not sure as to where River Road is, you will be moving to your North East.

I advise that you move such that vehicles moving along Latema Road will be moving against you (this is a dual carriage).

As you move along the road, keep an eye to you right. The first road you will see will be Timboroa Lane. Leave this one and move on to the next. The next road that comes up is Taveta Road. This where you will find Prestige Shuttle Nairobi Office location and stage.

You will have moved approximately 30 meters to this road from Odion. As soon as you get to Taveta Road, you will just move about 5 meters before you the offices.

 There are two offices, you will see one to your left, which is for those traveling to North Rift while another will be to your right across the road, which if for those traveling to Nyanza region. Moreover, you will already see prestige shuttles and conductors running after you.   

Please use the co-ordinates provided below to get the location on google maps.

Prestige Shuttle Nairobi Office Contacts

You can easily get in touch with Prestige Shuttle Nairobi offices through the contacts provided below.

Cell: 0790491750, 0725557587

Address: Tsavo Road, Nairobi Co-ordinates: -1.2826763, 36.8231174

Website: www.Prestigeshuttles.co.ke

Working Hours:

Saturday24 hours
Sunday24 hours
Friday 6am-6pm

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