Ndegwa takes over reigns as Safaricoms CEO

Ndegwa Takes Over From Michael Joseph as Safaricom CEO

Mr. Peter Ndegwa will today officially take over the reins at Safaricom as the CEO from Michael Joseph who has been holding the office on as a caretaker CEO following the death of Bob...
fast moving products on jumia

6 Fast Moving Products On Jumia and Other Online Shops

There are products that move fast on Jumia but there are those products that move very fast. Hi, there buddy and I am glad you are reading this blog post.
Airtel Kenya Announces No Expiry Bundle

Airtel Kenya Announces ‘No Expiry Bundles’

Airtel Kenya has today announced ‘No Expiry Bundles’ shortly after Safaricom launched a similar product a while ago. Just like Safaricom, you will be able buy the bundles and...

7 Steps to Get a Verified PayPal Account In Unsupported Countries.

PayPal is an industry standard for online money transactions. Due to the unavailability of the great service in Pakistan, it was such a hindrance for us to accept payments...
make money on fiverr

How to Make Money on Fiverr Using Your Blog

What to know how to make money on Fiverr? The dream of every blogger is to earn enough money from writing to be able to quit that boring day job. Writers...
expensive wordpress plugins

26 Most Expensive WordPress Plugins That You May Need.

So, which are the most expensive Wordpress plugins? If you are blogger you know what am talking about. WordPress plugins are must on any blog, but which are the most expensive?
sites that pay you to upload files

Top 5 Sites That Pay You To Upload Files!

Pay to upload sites have been really in now days and is indeed an easy way to make few bugs online. Its one of those ways to make money online...

5 Best Cash on Delivery Services in Pakistan

Cash on Delivery (COD) services in Pakistan is one of the most popular product delivery systems available in Pakistan and the single most successful medium through with small and big business...
equity bank online banking

Equity Bank Online Banking; All Your Questions Answered.

You can do your Equity Bank online banking from the comfort of your home or office.  You can even do your banking as you travel or as you enjoy your holiday.
bisil town kenya

Bisil Town Kenya: 3 Answers To Your Questions.

With counties opening up in Kenya, Bisil Town is one those places that maybe attracting business minded men and women to set up camp. Let us explore some of...