how to register a business in Kenya

How to register a business in Kenya; A Step by Step Guide.

Many of us come online to find out how to register a business in Kenya, because either you want some side hustle or you are tied getting to your 8.00am to 5.00pm...
List of Commercial Banks of Kenya

Commercial Banks In Kenya; A Complete Guide

This is a complete list of commercial banks in Kenya. However, before we look at the list, it important to understand how banks are classified. The criteria of classifying...

How to apply for an e-passport in Kenya; A Step By Step Guide.

In this article, I am going to show you how to apply for an e-passport in Kenya.  If you are not in the know, E-passports in Kenya have...
StarTimes introduces online shopping platform-A guide To Your StarTimes e-shopping experience

StarTimes Introduces Online Shopping Platform

Pay Television provider StarTimes Kenya has today introduced an interactive online shopping platform named StarTimes GO. The platform will offer public access to an enhanced shopping experience through integrated...
business and job that risk being lost

Businesses and Jobs That Risk Being Lost Due COVID-19

That businesses and jobs are at risk during the Coronavirus pandemic is no secret. The COVID-19 pandemic has already put many jobs and businesses on the line and people have been forced to adapt...
Unregulated Mobile-Based Credit Lenders

These Unregulated Mobile-Based Credit Lenders Won’t List You On CBR

The Central Bank of Kenya has officially banned unregulated mobile-based credit lenders from listing you on Credit reference Bureaus. This has been taken by CBK after numerous complaints from people that they are being...
face mask

You Risk Jail Term, A Fine or Both For Not Wearing a Face Mask

It is now mandatory to have masks in now public places including supermarkets, banking halls, malls, Matatus and other public places in Kenya. Failure to do so will lead to a conviction,...
Mpesa rates dominates mobile money transfer

Safaricom’s Mpesa Finally Comes Home

Vodafone, the parent company to Safaricom has completed the transfer of Mpesa, product development abs support services Vodacom and Safaricom. The move will see Safaricom and Vodacom jointly own Safaricom.
Gotv-Businesses begin Implementing 14% V.AT

Businesses begin Implementing 14% V.A.T Following Directive

Businesses have begun implementing 14% V.A.T on all goods and services in Kenya following a directive from the government last week.   In an effort to combat the effects of the COVID-19...
Zuku Takes Top Position From Safaricom In Fixed Internet

Zuku Takes Top Position From Safaricom In Fixed Internet

Zuku, the Wananchi-owned company has reclaimed the top spot in fixed internet connections from Safaricom in the three months since December 2019 to control 35 percent of the market, latest industry data at our disposal....