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Telkom Kenya Customers To Freely Send Money To All Networks Via T-Kash

Telkom Kenya Customers To Freely Send Money To All Networks Via T-Kash

Telkom Kenya customers will now be able to send money to customers across all networks, thanks to its innovative digital financial services platform T-Kash at no cost for the next 60 days. Moreover, customers will get an extra 25% worth of bonus airtime when they purchase airtime via T-kash during the same period.

Telkom Kenya also said that customers would also be rewarded with data when they use T-Kash to pay their bills. Common monthly payments are those that customers pay to Kenya Power, Nairobi Water, Land rates for various counties, and pay-tv subscriptions such as DSTV, Star times, and GOTV. These customers will also benefit.

The company is seeking to tap into the mobile money payments systems that have been on the rise since the first case of COVID-19 was first reported in the country in March 2020.

Because of this, digital wallets have gained acceptance as an alternative to cash, therefore, promoting safer communities and more efficient commercial interactions.

“COVID-19 has brought with it heightened cost sensitivities with the discerning customer looking for more value at the best possible price. What T-Kash is offering the customer for the next 60 days is a platform that takes away the stress of having to constantly make calculations of how much extra money you will need to successfully make a transaction, in this particular case, sending money,” said Telkom’s Chief Executive Officer, Mugo KIBATI. Adding that the technology company is alive to the need for a convenient and secure financial services platform that enables customers to easily send money across networks.

“We have been collating feedback from our customers that has informed the immediate next steps, with respect to the desired T-Kash customer experience: simplicity, affordability, and availability,” noted the CEO.

He further said that, Telkom’s Digital Financial Services function is now focused on strategic and deliberate partnerships for impact, in line with our brand is over-arching focus areas. Our partnership with the NYCK is a clear indicator that more can be done to advance the financial inclusion of our youth. Further digitization and investment in the mobile money ecosystem will help address a crisis that has been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

We saw the company partner with the Ministry of ICT’s National Youth Council of Kenya (NYCK), to co-create FURSA, an e-wallet that will open up a portfolio of financial opportunities to the youth in Kenya and more so at the grassroots levels.

The aim of this platform was to increase the youth resilience in the midst of physical and infrastructural barriers that hinder access to financial services and products.

To sign up for these offers, one needs to register at authorized agents countrywide for T-Kash. Once signed up, the T-Kash menu can be accessed through USSD by dialing *160# or via DSTK.

Telkom Kenya’s T-Kash is seeking more from the mobile money revolution in Kenya where its immediate competitors are Airtel’s Airtel Money and Safaricom’s Mpesa with the latter being the markets leading mobile money transfer service.


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