List of Commercial Banks of Kenya

Commercial Banks In Kenya; A Complete Guide

This is a complete list of commercial banks in Kenya. However, before we look at the list, it important to understand how banks are classified. The criteria of classifying...
Unregulated Mobile-Based Credit Lenders

These Unregulated Mobile-Based Credit Lenders Won’t List You On CBR

The Central Bank of Kenya has officially banned unregulated mobile-based credit lenders from listing you on Credit reference Bureaus. This has been taken by CBK after numerous complaints from people that they are being...
Gotv-Businesses begin Implementing 14% V.AT

Businesses begin Implementing 14% V.A.T Following Directive

Businesses have begun implementing 14% V.A.T on all goods and services in Kenya following a directive from the government last week.   In an effort to combat the effects of the COVID-19...

7 Steps to Get a Verified PayPal Account In Unsupported Countries.

PayPal is an industry standard for online money transactions. Due to the unavailability of the great service in Pakistan, it was such a hindrance for us to accept payments...
sites that pay you to upload files

Top 5 Sites That Pay You To Upload Files!

Pay to upload sites have been really in now days and is indeed an easy way to make few bugs online. Its one of those ways to make money online...
which is the richest country in africa

Which is the richest country in Africa in 2019?

So, which is the richest country in Africa? I know what you are thinking about. When I wrote about the strongest currency in the world, nobody expected to...
Highest Currency in the world

20 Highest Currency in the World in 2019 Reveled

The US Dollar, otherwise called the ‘Green Back’ is the world’s famous currency but is highest (strongest) currency in the world? We are going to find out in...
co-operative bank swift code

Co-operative Bank Swift Code

The Co-operative Bank Swift Code is KCOOKENA and allows you to receive money internationally. Remember, this is for Co-operative bank Kenya. Again get it here once more, that the...
Equity bank swift code

What is Equity bank Swift Code and What Is The Use?

The Equity bank swift Code is EQBLKENA If you want to get again, the code is EQBLKENA So what is a bank swift code?
loan apps in kenya

Loan Apps In Kenya: What You Need To Know

There are about 49 loan apps in Kenya as of writing this article. Therefore, I thought it fit to write about these apps and exactly what you need to know about them....