Some famous brands, such as Coca-Cola and Gucci, have considered transcending the metaverse, positioning their products with a much more than commercial focus, and thinking about creating new virtual experiences based on digital marketing. Bitcoin is another cryptocurrency that offers its users investment opportunities, join the bitcoin evolution now and begin your Bitcoin trading experience.

The most significant soft drink production and sales company worldwide unveiled a limited edition called 8Bit, within the Gaming sector in the Fortnite video game, achieving excellent user acceptance. This strategy has managed to boost its production.

And just like Coca-Cola, many more brands are developing promotional strategies for their products within the metaverse.

The genuine interest of brands in the metaverse is marketing

With the metaverse, a series of expectations are believed to foster the commercial development of products through digital interactions in this virtual world.

The big brands rely on the metaverse as a means for their business growth, where their products or services can be displayed in a different way than the traditional one, through which the possibilities of accessibility to it are much higher than in the real world.

Marketing is currently the most popular tool as a promoter of a specific company, good, or service, which is very applicable within Meta, hence its interest on the part of many businesses in being part of the developing virtual world.

It is a new way of making yourself known more specifically, in addition to covering a large number of the world population who may be interested in the product or good in question offered.

Is merging all metaverses in development recommended?

This idea arises as an option so that everyone can interact and become a great virtual world, thus allowing users who enter to interact to know all the planets and their content simultaneously.

This great proposal is compared to the operation of a great galaxy in which thousands of constellations converge; likewise, it would be the development of a large metaverse made up of small, totally different virtual worlds.

One of the most jealous goals the virtual population developing this project must embrace is equality in the metaverse’s operating regulations to interact accordingly within all worlds and provide rewards to users.

When we refer to the equality of regulations and development, we mean that they are all based on the same programming language, that they are platforms to carry out smart contracts, and that the markets are governed by decentralization.

The blockchain significantly benefits the union of the metaverses

The fact that the markets are decentralized and operate under blockchain technology favors that the operations carried out are very safe and reliable, without the control and dependence of third parties such as public or government institutions.

This technology also protects the investments made so that not only can the platform control them, that is, the user can have access and decision to their investment and withdraw if they wish in case of losses.

Despite the concerns and speculations that the metaverse goes through, it is considered a virtual environment that provides growth and commercial development.

Mark Zuckerberg’s most significant project announced his availability to employ more than 15 thousand people in Europe to promote the development and total creation of meta, in addition to the substantial investment of 50 million dollars in the sponsorship of non-profit institutions to foster a conscious goal.


Advertising is one of the fundamental advantages of the metaverse, which are very attractive for most commercial brands that want to position their articles on the networks.

Technology is the means of advertising and digital marketing that has currently shown more significant benefits in terms of production and profitability for brands and businesses committed to innovation and new digital changes.

The metaverse is the best tool for advertising today. For some time now, the most recognized brands worldwide have been interested in creating their virtual world to boost their growth and make themselves known to a broader population, which encompasses networks.

The future will be to enter the metaverse, either as a provider or user, and enjoy the experiences that this new virtual lifestyle provides for the benefit of commerce and the financial profitability that can be obtained. It is also essential to be part of this technology, which is widely accepted to advertise, play, invest, and win.

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