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Equity Bank Online Banking; All Your Questions Answered.


You can do your Equity Bank online banking from the comfort of your home or office.  You can even do your banking as you travel or as you enjoy your holiday.

With the penetration of mobile phones and internet, long are the days when people queued in banks to make transactions.

Personally, I do not remember the last time I went to the bank to make any transactions unless I am getting my AdSense payments from my blogging business.

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To help you understand this, let me help you answer a few questions.

What is Equity Bank Online Banking?

Equity Bank Online Banking allows you to do your banking online without going to banking halls. You can do this via your Equitel SIM or via the equity bank online portal.

How do I register for mobile banking with Equity Bank?

If you wish to bank through your mobile phone, then you can register as follows.

1. Visit your Equity bank where you will be required to fill an Easy application Form. You will be required to carry your ID card or any other identification document.
2. The bank will do their thing and once satisfied, you will be sent a password to activate your account. You can also get the password at the bank immediately if the process is fast enough.

What is Eassy 24 7?

Eazzy 247 is an Equity bank mobile banking service that allows you to access on your bank account using your mobile phone. It is available through Safaricom, Telcom, Airtel, making it easy for you to transact anywhere, anytime.

How do I sign up for eazzy 24 7?

1.Visit the nearest Equity Bank Branch/ Agent with your ID.
2. Fill Relevant Eazzy 247 Registration Form and submit to the Branch.
3.You will receive your PIN.
4. Dial *247# to activate the service.
5. Download the Eazzy App online.

How can I check my Equity bank account balance online?

One way of banking online if you have an account with equity is have the Equitel line. Once you have it, follow these steps to check your Equity Bank account balance.
1. Go to Equitel Icon and select ‘My Money’
2. Next choose bank balance.
3. Select either ‘All Accounts’, Mini Statements’ or ‘Statement by email’
4. Select either ‘Show on Screen’ or ‘Send by SMS’. Choose what is appropriate to you.
5. Enter your PIN.
6. Your balance will be shown on the screen or sent to your phone.  

How do I transfer money from Mpesa to equity?

You can easily transfer funds to your equity bank by following these simple steps.
1. Go to your MPESA Menu.
2. Select Lipa Na Mpesa.
3. Select Paybill.
4. Select Business Number.
5. Enter 247247.
6. Select Account number.
7. Enter Recipient’s Equitel phone number/Equity Account number.
8. Enter Amount.
9. Hit Send button.
You will get two confirmation messages, one from Mpesa confirming the amount sent and the other from Equity bank confirming amount deposited into your account.

How do I withdraw money from my equity bank account account to Mpesa?

The quick answer here is yes. Do it this way.
1. Select ‘Withdraw Cash’ from the M-PESA menu.
2. Select ‘From ATM’
3. Enter Agent Number which is 555555 if you are withdrawing from these ATMs: Pesapoint, Diamond Trust Bank, KCB, Family Bank and NIC Bank and if you are withdrawing from Equity Bank ATM use the Agent Number 286286.
4. Enter your M-PESA PIN.


Traditional banking as we know it is on its deathbed. In fact, technology is taking over at the banking halls. It is not uncommon to see robots serving people if you ever find them in a banking hall. Moreover, with high mobile penetration, a typical Equity bank account holder is doing business far from banking halls.

However online banking comes with its own risks. Remember to avoid public Wi-Fi, public computers and keep your passwords to your heart.

Maishah Marsden
Maishah Marsden
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