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How to change GOTV Package in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.

How to change GOTV Package in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.

This is how to change GoTv Package in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda. Pay-TV has become an entertainment staple in most houses. Multichoice invested heavily in their lower-tier pay-TV GoTV to cater for the middle and low-income earners.

Depending on your wallet, you can either upgrade or downscale to your current financial situation. So how does one change their GoTV package?

Down or upgrading has its benefits, mostly downgrading is premised on cost-cutting measures while upgrading usually is driven by the need to watch specific channels not readily available to other packages.

How to Change GoTv Package In Countries Such Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.

There are three ways you can do this;

1. Via Short Messaging Service SMS

This is considered a swift method of changing your bouquet. This how to do it.

  • Confirm your IUC number
  • Enter this number on a blank text in addition to the word UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE
  • Send the text message to 22688.

You will receive a message confirming that your transaction is successful.

2. Calling Customer Care Representatives

The old school talk never disappoints. Calling your representatives may take a shorter time but requires you have all the requisite information about your decoder. You can call them on +254 711 066 000. Sometimes, the phone number might change. You need always check the GoTv website.

  • Call the Customer care number.
  • Inform the representative of your change of package request.
  • Furnish the representative with details they need.
  • Wait for your application to be affected.

3. Change Go TV Package Online Option

GoTV offers an easy online change of subscriptions by its Easy self-care service on their platform.

The service enables the customer to make changes in their packages without the hassles of making phone calls to customer care. If you were wondering how to change to your GoTV max this is how you go about it.

  • Log into your GoTV account(This includes your name, phone number, device IUC number)
  • Upon accessing your account select “Build your account” from the dashboard.
  • From the list, of packages select the one you wish to migrate to then click next
  • Pick the payment option from the play button this offers the various payment options you can use for the transaction
  • Enter the additional required details on the fields, after complete payment your new package activated in few minutes between and 10 minutes.


They say hard times call for tough measures. However, good times means that you make merry. Whether you are upgrading or downgrading, this guide on how to how to change GOTV Package in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda, will come in handy.

Should you have any problems, please you can always seek help from us.

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