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Periska Bus Kenya Online Booking and Destinations


Periska bus Kenya is a bus company that according to its own words, “a new bus that provides safety and comfort to travelers.”

The bus operates to Western Kenya to destinations such a Homabay, Kendu Bay Busia, and Kisumu. The company has comfortable coaches that provide all the comfort you will need as you travel.

That is not all, the buses are fitted with high speed internet connection via Wi-Fi and power outlets to charge your devices on the go. They  also have

Periska Bus Kenya Destinations

The bus company operates on these routes:

  • Nairobi-Kisumu
  • Nairobi-Kendu Bay
  • Nairobi-Homa Bay
  • Nairobi- Busia

Periksha Bus Kenya Online Booking

The company provides a booking platform on its website at Once here all you need to do is to fill in your information and follow the prompts. You should be able to book a seat comfortably from the comfort of your home. You will be required to pay the fare for the journey via MPESA.

You too have the option to walk to their nearest booking office to have your ticket.

Periksha Bus Kenya Contacts

You can get in touch using the following information:

Phone: +254 742 784 783 , +254 733 494 787(Nairobi Booking), +254 703 779 929 , +254 733 392 438( Kisumu Booking), +254 788 208 628( Feedback)


Facebook Page:



I always bring you reviews so that you can decide for yourself if this is the best bus company to travel with.

To begin us of, Kowino KASILA say, I have traveled with Periska Premium during this festive season and I must surely commend them for their beautiful services, which I should not be made to believe that is so because they are Johnny-come-lately into the transport arena. Fares are fair, drivers are competent

Perhaps what you should endeavor to improve on is your digital marketing strategy to bring more passengers on board. Thanks

Kwanya Joshua Nyakwar Omenda says, “If you want beauty in Buses, then Periska Luxurious is the go to.I promised to try Easy Coach when the country is open. I did over the weekend. I must admit Easy Coach are top there.

I am trying Periska next to Kisumu. Anyway, I also just want to show you my photography skills and my love for buses. More will follow”.

Lastly, Angel Keysha says, “Periska I’m so much disappointed in you. Booked your bus from Nairobi to Busia, on reaching Kericho your driver alighted and went for stories with one of your inspectors without proper explanation of what is going on, for one full hour. Poor services

From the reviews, it seems that Periska Bus has mostly positive reviews form the few people that have been able to post on its Facebook page.


If you traveling to Western Kenya, Periska Bus is among the many bus companies, you may need to consider. If you are not happy, you can also try Easy Coach, Modern Coast, or shuttles operating on the routes.

Have you ever traveled by Periska bus? What was you experience? Share with us.

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