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    These Unregulated Mobile-Based Credit Lenders Won’t List You On CBR

    The Central Bank of Kenya has officially banned unregulated mobile-based credit lenders from listing you on Credit reference Bureaus. This has been taken by CBK after numerous complaints from people that they are being listed for as little as Ksh. 1000 debt, whereas to the to be cleared you have to part with Ksh. 2200.00.

    This comes at a time worrying statistics show that over 3 million Kenyans, especially the youth are blacklisted on CBR.

    As most of us may not be aware of, digital lenders are either regulated or unregulated. Those that won’t access CBR services are those that are unregulated.

    So which are the regulated lenders? If you are using any of these ones below, then know that they are regulated and that defaulting on their loan will have you blacklisted on CBR.

    • Mshwari
    • KCB Mpesa
    • Timiza
    • Eazzy loan
    • Any other apps owned by banks.

    The unregulated apps have been operating without CBK approval and have been causing havoc among Kenyans. There have been complaints that, some of these apps will send messages to your contact lists in the event that you default.

    There has been news of people taking their own life due to pressure from some of these apps. In Kenya there are over 70 apps that are unregulated.

    Unregulated Mobile-Based Credit Lenders

    Here below are unregulated mobile-based credit lenders that moving forward will not list you on CBR.

    • Kashway
    • LionCash
    • i-Save Mobile
    • Lendi mkopo
    • Okoa Cash Loans
    • Fuliza Branch
    • Investor
    • MB-Kash
    • iPesa
    • Kopa Jirani
    • FlashPesa
    • Zash Loan
    • Okolea
    • Kava Personal Loans
    • Kua
    • Palm Loans Kenya
    • Tala
    • Zenka
    • Branch
    • Okash
    • Opesa
    • Hela Pesa
    • Eazzy Loans
    • Fululiza Senti
    • Stawika
    • Tajiri
    • Loanika
    • Saida
    • Kuwazo
    • Fair Money
    • Lendy LOANS
    • Umba (Formerly Mkopo Kaka)
    • UbaPesa
    • Okoa 0% Interest Loans
    • Afrika loans
    • Mshiko Chap
    • Kenya Quick Loan Shop
    • Senti
    • Hikash
    • MKash Bee
    • PesaFlash
    • Peso Loans
    • Carbon
    • Okoa Pesa pap
    • Kenya Quick Loans Market
    • Instant Cash- Reliable Money
    • Phedha Loans
    • mKopa
    • tumaPesa
    • Duta
    • Saida
    • Aspira
    • Pezesha
    • Izwa Loans
    • Fintech Loans
    • Imarika Credit
    • PesaPata
    • Okolea Quick Loans
    • M-KOPAY
    • Fair Branch: Instantly and Accuracy
    • Top Loan Lenders
    • HiCash Quick and Easy Loans to MPESA
    • Loans Chap Chap



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