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Google AdSense in Kenya: Getting Your First Payments

google adsense payments in Kenya
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Most bloggers have been finding it difficult to get Google AdSense approval in Kenya. What they do not want to do is put in the work that is needed into their blogs.

And if you did not start your blog the right way. Shortcuts will not help.

If you think you can cut and paste articles from some websites and download images and disregarded copyright rights of the owners, you are going nowhere with AdSense.

Good is like a god and has the best engineers in the world who are paid to just find out who is behaving badly. If you want you succeed online, then you must play by their rules, period. There is no short cut about that. No monkey business.

There are so many stories online about how to get AdSense approval in just three days…or some number of days. I am not here to show you how to get AdSense approval, rather how to move forward after approval.

If you looking for AdSense approval, I repeat, follow Google AdSense policies to the letter and your site will be approved.

If you want some help on this, get in touch with me.

A little experiment

While having tea with some friends that are bloggers, I shocked them when I told them that I got approved with only 3 blog posts.

None of them could believe what I was telling them. Some of their blogs had been around for 2 years and had never had AdSense approval.

They thought I was joking until I showed them this site with ads showing. To prove how it was easy to get approval (as long as you play by Google’s rules), I begun another blog and after setting up everything, I wrote three blog posts and after a month, I applied google AdSense.

After three days, all that my friends were saying is damn you…..I had been approved yet again! You see some of the things you read online like having a 3 months site or having 20 blog posts on your blog is all nonsense.

Google to me looks at two things; originality and whether your content adds value to your readers. If you stick to this, you will get your blog approved.

I have been approved for Google Adsense in Kenya, Now what?

Getting Google AdSense approval in Kenya does not mean you have made it. In fact, you are going to discover that it is one of the worst ways of monetizing your blog.

If you think of throwing up a few ads on your blog will make you rich, you are in for a rude shock. To make decent money through AdSense, you will need to drive thousands if not millions of visitors on your blog.  If you aren’t, you may struggle to see your first penny.

You and me know that you really struggle to attract 100 visitors a day.

Besides, don’t be lied to. The money your blog gets from AdSense depends on the topics you are writing about. Some topics are not worthy your time no matter how cool you may think they are. I learnt this the hard way.

Whereas I got paid between €0.01 and €5.50 for my ads, I got used to this until one day wrote a post that took me a whole week and about a very difficult topic.

When I posted the blog post, I was shocked when one ad from the post, paid me €40. That is a cool Ksh. 4500 for a single click.

I was so happy at the same time confused until I took a week and discovered that different topics have different cost per click(CPC). You can easily track this from your AdSense dashboard.

You will also need to experiment with different ads placement locations and ad sizes. In my case, I have discovered only one ad brings me 80% of my earnings.

It could be different with you. You may need to test several ads and locations to find what works better for you.

Moreover, if your site is not mobile friendly, you could be throwing money down the drain. I am often concerned about my mobile version of my site than the desktop version. Data from my google analytics shows that 90% of visitors to my blog do so through high-end mobile devices. In addition, my AdSense dashboard confirms the same, that 92% of my earning are driven by mobile phones.

Strive to make your site mobile friendly and if possible have your pages AMP enabled.

Laying the ground to get your first Google AdSense payments in Kenya

1. Confirm Your address to Receive AdSense Payments in Kenya

If the Google gods smile your way, you will begin seeing a few cents trickle into your account. All you need to do is be patient and write more blog posts. Do not be attempted to click on your own ads or ask people do so (this is one of the greatest AdSense sins that may cause you be banned from the program-if you are banned, you would better look for something else to do).

Once your earning reach €10, you will be required to confirmed your address with a pin sent to the address you registered at your AdSense account.

It is important to use a functional address; otherwise, if you cannot confirm your address with this PIN, you are not getting any payments.

If you do not have a reliable Post Office Box, I recommend opening an Mpost. It is not only cheap, but reliable, you mail won’t go missing.

Choose your payment method.

Depending with the currency of your AdSense account, there is a threshold you need to get to, to get your first payment.

Check your AdSense dashboard and see which currency you are receiving your payments in. These are the minimum payments for each of the currencies.  

Currency Minimum Payout
US Dollars($) 100
Great Britain Pounds(£) 60
Japanese Yen(¥) 8000
European Euro(€) 70

Until you reach these thresholds, you cannot receive your payments.

Let me make you understand better.

Suppose you are paid in US dollars and you make $10 the first month, no payments come your way. If in the second month you make $30 such that at the end of that month you total is $40, you have not reached the minimum payout. Still your dream of a first paycheck is remains a dream.

It goes something of this sort.

Month  Money Earned Total Amount Payment Status.
1ST $10 $10 No Payments
2ND $30 $40 No payments
3RD $50 $90 No payments
4TH $60 $150 Payments of $150 made between 21st and 24th of the 5th Month.
5TH $70 $70 No payments
6TH $60 $130 Payments of $130 made between 21st and 24th of the 7th Month.

I hope the table above gives a glimpse of what you should expect. You see, this is a no get rich scheme. To consistently $100 every month, you must be able to drive some good traffic to your site.

You will also note that payment made at the end of a particular month (if the threshold is reached) are paid between 21st and 24th of the following month. Therefore, it is like waiting for full month to get the payments for monies made the previous month.

In fact, as I was writing this post today ( 21th June 2019) , I just received a message from Google AdSense confirming that I can collect my payments at the nearest Western Union agent. This is for monies earned in May.

Now that you know this, it is time to choose your payment method.

Navigate to your AdSense dashboard, once there choose the ‘Payments’ Option. Click on the ‘Manage Payments Method’, then ‘Add Payment Method’.

As you can see from there, there are three methods to choose from. You can either get payments by:

  • Bank wire transfer.
  • Check
  • Western Union

Choose what suits you. However, from experience, getting payment via Western Union is the most convenient and fastest of them all. I always withdraw the money from my local Western Union Agent within minutes of receiving my payments email.

Checks can take up to 2-4 weeks to arrive at your address then comes the trouble of depositing the same at your bank and having to wait even more.

Bank transfers take up to two weeks to clear. Moreover, you have to have a bank account and pay some transaction fees.

With Western Union, you just need to have you ID card and some information that Google AdSense sends you.  All you need to do now is to walk into any Western Union agent and collect all every cent you have been paid.

If I were you, I would go with the last option as my AdSense payment in Kenya.


Displaying Ads such as Google AdSense in Kenya is a good way to monetize a blog especially if you are starting out. Other ways that you can monetize a blog include:

  • Promoting you own products.
  • Selling you own services.
  • Creating a membership site.

Though not the best way monetize a blog, proper implementation of AdSense is less time consuming and can bring some good money with good traffic.

However if you want to earn some good money with little traffic, there is only one method you can do so. Through……………

Sign up to my newsletter to discover this method.

What do you think?

Written by Maishah Marsden

Maishah Marsden is the founder of ShopaXo (ShopInKenya.Com) and Maishah.Co.Ke . He is a top Kenyan blogger casually called by his peers as "Life'. If he is not writing your favorite articles, he is with his family. He loves sport and won't mind going on Safari anytime.


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