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7 Best things to sell online in Kenya

7 Best things to sell online in Kenya

What are the best things to sell online in Kenya? Now after learning how to sell online, you are now considering kick staring your online business.

I have taken the trouble to analyze our e-commerce platform to bring you the best stuff to sell in Kenya. Thanks to the way Jumia, Kilimall and other e-commerce have shaped our lives; more and more people are finding themselves shopping online like never before.

You too now want a piece of this cake. That is not a bad idea, besides who does not want to make extra cash or even a living online?

What are the 7 best things to sell online in Kenya?

The short answer is;
1. Mobile phones and mobile phones accessories.
2. Women clothing.
3. Electronics.
4. Fashion Items.
5. Women hair and hair products.
6. Shoes.
7. Sunglasses.

Without ado, let us have a look at the long answer below.

Best things to sell online in Kenya.

I have been studying items that move fast on Jumia and Kilimall to bring you the best things to sell online in Kenya this year.

1. Mobile phones and Mobile phone accessories

The mobile phone industry market in Kenya is a huge market. There are phones that are launched year in tear out. And Kenyans just being Kenyans will always want to move with the current trends.

Investing in selling phones online will definitely bring you the return on investment.  

That said, you have to define your market target and sell well-known brands besides selling original gadgets.

It goes without saying that these phone do require their accessories. Mobile phone accessories move fast, from earphones, batteries, covers, sim-cards and other stuff you may think of.

2. Women clothing

Our ladies are a species that thrive on beauty. Women call spend to their last coin on clothing. If you can see this this, you can capitalize on the huge market out there that is waiting to be exploited.

And when I say women clothing, I mean everything and anything that women put on.

Other kind of clothing also do move, especially under garments and children’s clothing.

3. Electronics

Try giving discount on electronics such as TV’s, Laptops and others. They will not last long. E-commerce sites such as Jumia thrive on shipping large numbers of electronics daily.

4. Fashion Items.

There are things you can sell online easily. They include stuff such as watches, bangles, earrings, rings and all kinds of jewelry.

5. Women hair and hair products

The reason salons are doing well is that women do not take chances with their heads. If you invest in this, you will definitely make money.

6. Shoes

Everybody loves new shoes. Shoes as they say, give people the first impression about you. Women love shoes, and if you have to try this out, start will women shoes and slowly add shoes for other gender as the market demands.

7. Sunglasses

There are people who have a taste for sunglasses and will spend every dime on them. This is something you can try too


Choosing the right products to sell online in Kenya can launch your business in the right direction. However, that alone will not make you succeed; one, you will have to have to handle your customers with dignity. Two, sell original products and finally be very patient. Why patience? Because these same best things to sell online in Kenya are also sold by your competitors, heavy weights such as Jumia.

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