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13 Most Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya 2023

Untapped business ideas in Kenya- Most Profitable business Ideas in Kenya 2023

For the year, these are the 13 most profitable business ideas in Kenya 2023, and mostly other African countries you may want to consider.

New Year comes with new resolutions and if one of the resolution was to begin a business, then this post will list the most business ideas in Kenya in 2023.

If you are looking for something to do in the year 2023 or looking for some side hustle, then these ideas could be the best thing that will happen to you this year.

So let us delve more into this.

Most Profitable Business Ideas In Kenya 2023

1. Beauty Industry

One of the most lucrative and profitable business ideas in Kenya is any startup in the beauty industry.

Let us face it, so many women and men would rather spend money to look good but go hungry. That explains why there so many salons, spas, barber shops providing services or selling beauty products.

Moreover, there so many of them especially in the estates, you just need to visit one during the weekend to have an idea of how much traffic is flowing to them.

You will need to do a market research and curve a niche in the market to stand out. Find out what people are looking for. Do not invest in so much money until you understand you clientele.

If you are able to able to find out what people want, you will make it great in this industry.

2. Interior Design

If art is your thing and have a keen eye on the home improvement, then why don’t you venture in this industry?

These are so many clients looking to have their office or home space improved. As a small business owner, you can take advantage of this gap in the market and just provide the services the clients are looking for.

3. Electronics

We have so many electronics we depend on and cannot do without. With the tech savvy population we have in Kenya and Africa, electronics are day-to-day gadgets second only to the free air we breathe.

So what happens when they break down? We rush to the nearest electronic shop for a replacement or spare parts.

With this in mind, it easy to see why electronics shops are doing well. You too can tap into this market and have a piece of the cake.

In addition, you do not need to do things traditionally; you can harness the power of the internet to market your products.

You can use digital marketing strategies such as SEO, SEM, and social media advertising to reach a larger audience, giving your business potential for growth.

4. Home Tutoring and Online Article Writing

I must admit that I do blogging part-time and another thing I do part time is home tutoring and online article writing.

I must also admit that both home tutoring and online article writing are so much profitable. So much so that thousands of university students are doing this and living the best lives of their youth.

If you doing tutoring, just do a good job and your client will always refer you to other potential clients. You can also offer tuition services online from the comfort of your home.  

If you are interested with online article writing, then research and get the right people to get an online article writing account and learn the basics.

By leveraging technology and relationships, you as a tutor can reach a more extensive base of learners than ever – making 2023 a great time to launch a tutoring business!

Should I remind you that this one most profitable business ideas in Kenya 2023!

5. Auto Spare Parts Business

If you are good are leveraging the relationships with car dealer, suppliers and customers, then you can take advantage of this to create a niche for yourself.

And you can do it this way, sell car parts online, offer on-site repairs and auto parts. This is very lucrative and one of the best profitable business ideas in Kenya 2023 you can tap.

In Addition, leverage the new technological advances in the automotive industry; there is no shortage of opportunities to build a successful business.

6. Hardware Business

I once read of a story of a woman who was fired and as frustration and put food on the table, decided to open a hardware shop. She say that this was the best decision she ever made.

Not only did she move out of her rented house in a year, but she also bought herself a car in a year.

If this story does not fire you up, I do not know what will.

One of the best profitable business ideas in Kenya 2023 is to open a construction or electrical hardware store.

These stores are in high demand and provide a reliable income stream for entrepreneurs who own them.

Customers will always be in need of lumber, nails, wiring, and switches for various projects around their home, business, or organization – you can meet these needs with quality products sourced at competitive prices.

You can built a faithful base for yourself and they will regularly require supplies from this shop.

7. Catering Services

Have you ever realized that nowadays people are out sourcing for catering services in all kinds of social events?

As a matter of fact, catering is an industry that always remains in demand – and it is one of the most profitable business ideas in Kenya 2023.

To curve out a clientele, you will need to stand out from competition and offer the best. Provide the best service and you will always get referral jobs.

You can specialize in corporate catering, wedding catering, or gourmet meals delivered to customers’ homes.

The year 2023 offers plenty of opportunities to grow your business.

8. Starting an ecommerce Store

You just need to look around to see that ecommerce business is doing well. In addition, I can bet that you occasionally bought items from popular ecommerce stores.

If you doubt just think Jumia, Kilimall, Masoko, you name them. Starting an ecommerce store is an excellent way of making money online and it something personally that am taking seriously. And I must admit, this my best most profitable business ideas in Kenya 2023

Platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce, can give you a head start and you can set up a store in minutes.

My biggest advice would be that you will need to speed a lot of tine curving out you niche and learning the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and digital marketing.

If you can combine this with blogging (learn how to start a blog here), you could be smiling all the way to the bank.

9. Vacation Rentals

The vacation rental industry has been making tremendous growth over the past few years, thus making it one of the most profitable business ideas in Kenya 2023.

Kenya is one of the best travel destinations of the world and clients are looking for cheap beautiful space as their holiday homes.

With this in mind, you can use sites like Airbnb, which simplify renting out your space to others, and this has become an increasingly lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs and budding small business owners.

Do you want to get good earning from such? Then you can have that space that is not in use and clients will come running to you.

10. DayCare/NightCare Business

It is no secret that parents and guardians are so busy and have children one that they would rather leave under the care of someone.

So where would they rather leave there young ones, in a daycare.

Starting a daycare center may not be hard as you may think; you just need a room or rooms and furnish it (them) with sleeping items and playing items for the kids.

There even daycare that do the business at night and are charging lots of money to do this. Maybe we should call them Night cares.

Did you know that most of the primary schools you see around you begun as daycare centres? This ranks in the top three most profitable business ideas in Kenya 2023!

12. Cleaning Services Business

One of the most profitable business Ideas in Kenya 2023 is the cleaning services.

People are looking for cleaning services for their businesses and households. This is so because it is a cheaper alternative to hiring full time employees.

To venture in this business, you will need is reliable transportation, supplies, and some form of advertising.

Once you do a good job, your chances of growth with cleaning services will be high because happy clients will recommend your services and relaying positive word-of-mouth reviews.

All you will need to do is do a good job. If cleaning is your passion, then you can take this up and profits will be coming your way.

13. Consulting services

If you are good in a particular area, then you may want to offer that expertise to other people. That is what consulting is all about.

Offering your specialized area of expertise to businesses needing problem-solving assistance, you are setting yourself up for success.

All you will need is to start now.

This area is hugely unexploited of often offered free, but now you can utilize it for profits.

Final Thoughts

If one of you resolutions of 2023 is to start a profitable business, then these 13 Most Profitable business Ideas in Kenya 2023 gives you a head start.

Whether you are looking for a low-cost investment or a way to break into the service industry, these options can make all the difference.

However, before jumping in, it is very important to do market research and evaluate each opportunity before investing you time and money.

You can start small, grow, and invest more of your time and money as time goes. Learn why business fail and avoid the same mistake and surely, 2023 will be a great year.

Whichever opportunity you choose, do it will all the passion and energy and success will come your way.

All the best.

What do you think?

Written by Maishah Marsden

Maishah Marsden is the founder of ShopaXo (ShopInKenya.Com) and Maishah.Co.Ke . He is a top Kenyan blogger casually called by his peers as "Life'. If he is not writing your favorite articles, he is with his family. He loves sport and won't mind going on Safari anytime.


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