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Exploring the Best Buses in South Africa: Top Picks for 2024

As we get into 2024 proper, the bus services industry in South Africa is on the brink of significant growth, promising enhanced comfort, safety, and affordability for passengers traveling to destinations like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Botswana, and Queenstown14. Among the frontrunners in this evolving landscape are renowned names such as Greyhound, Intercape, City to City, and Translux, each striving to establish itself as the best choice for south Africa bus travel, ensuring that passengers have a multitude of options for their journey1.

This evolution introduces an array of travel possibilities, making it an ideal time to explore the offerings of various companies, including Greyhound, Intercape, Magic Bus, and Eldo Coaches, despite their cessation of operations in June 2023235. As we delve into what these companies have to offer, our focus will be on providing insights into the top picks for bus travel within South Africa, highlighting the unique features that make each service stand out in terms of routes covering Cape Town, Johannesburg, Botswana, and Queenstown, thereby ensuring a memorable and comfortable travel experience.


Overview and Pricing

Greyhound South Africa, a leading bus company, provides long-distance services across major cities and towns, known for its reliable and safe services12. Ticket prices for 2024 range from ZAR 450 to ZAR 1,200, depending on the route and ticket type, with options like flexible and semi-flexible tickets available1.

Customer Experiences and Ratings

Greyhound has received 85 customer reviews, with users reporting mixed experiences. Some praise the comfort, warmth, and leg room, while others highlight issues such as delays, unprofessional staff behavior, and poor bus conditions like lack of cleanliness and basic amenities789. The company holds a Trustindex Rating of 1.6 and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of -93, responding to 55% of negative reviews within a month810.

Features and Services

The buses are equipped with modern amenities including onboard entertainment systems, Wi-Fi, and charging ports, though some customers have noted the absence of air conditioning and functional charging points17. Greyhound and Intercape are noted for offering cheaper fares compared to Baz Bus, catering primarily to those not needing specific backpacker accommodations3.

Operational Changes

Recently, Flix has taken over Greyhound, introducing new operational rules that may affect the service quality and offerings9.


Overview and Amenities

Intercape, a major player in the South African bus services market, is renowned for its comprehensive amenities and focus on passenger comfort. The buses are equipped with reclining seats, air conditioning, and onboard catering to ensure a pleasant journey for all passengers 1. Additionally, the company prides itself on safety and dependability, making it a reliable choice for travel throughout southern Africa 11.

Pricing and Classes

Ticket prices for Intercape vary from ZAR 300 to ZAR 1,500, influenced by the route and type of ticket. Intercape enhances the travel experience by offering three distinct bus classes:

  1. Sleepliner: Featuring luxurious coaches with 150-degree reclining seats, padded memory foam, extra legroom, and comprehensive amenities including air conditioning, on-board toilet, secure luggage storage, and USB charging points 11.
  2. Mainliner: This class covers an extensive network of routes, providing comfortable reclining seats, air conditioning, on-board toilets, and secure luggage storage 11.
  3. Budgetliner: An affordable option that does not compromise on comfort, offering reclining seats, air conditioning, and onboard USB charging ports 11.

Loyalty Program and Additional Services

Intercape values its customers by offering a loyalty program that rewards frequent travelers with discounts and other benefits, enhancing the value of each journey 1. The company also operates both bus and train services, providing an array of travel options across South Africa and neighboring countries 12.

Routes and Scheduling

Intercape offers a variety of popular routes with flexible scheduling options to accommodate the needs of diverse travelers. Routes include multiple daily departures between major cities like Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town, with durations and prices varying to suit different travel preferences 1112.

User Reviews and Feedback

While Intercape generally receives positive feedback, with an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars, some travelers have noted issues regarding legroom, seat reclining limits, and occasional delays 1112. These reviews highlight areas where Intercape can further improve to enhance passenger satisfaction.

Booking Information

To book a ticket with Intercape, travelers can easily compare prices and schedules through platforms like Busbud, ensuring they find the best options for their travel dates and destinations 11.


Overview and Services

Translux is a prominent name in South Africa’s bus industry, operating under the trade name of Autopax Passenger Services (SOC) Ltd., a public entity with limited liability. The company is recognized for its distinctive G6 model buses that traverse routes like M1 South to Johannesburg, Gqeberha to Pretoria, and Durban Station 1416. Translux buses are equipped with spacious seating, onboard catering, and entertainment systems, ensuring a comfortable journey for passengers 1.

Safety and Regulations

Translux maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy towards drug and alcohol use among its staff. To enhance safety and security, all buses are equipped with GPS tracking and CCTV systems. Furthermore, the consumption of alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited on all Translux buses 15.

Luggage Policy

Passengers traveling with Translux are allowed a luggage allowance of two suitcases, not exceeding a total weight of 20kg (30kg for international trips). Each suitcase must adhere to the maximum dimensions of 80cm x 60cm x 30cm, ensuring adequate space and convenience for all travelers 15.

Pricing Structure

Ticket prices for Translux vary, ranging from ZAR 500 to ZAR 1,800. The variation in pricing depends on the route and the type of ticket purchased, allowing travelers to choose options that best suit their budget and travel needs 1.

Customer Feedback

Despite offering several amenities, Translux has faced criticism from some passengers. Common concerns include delays, unclean buses, and instances of poor customer service, areas that the company could potentially improve to enhance passenger satisfaction 13.

Eldo Coaches

Overview and Amenities

Eldo Coaches, once a prominent player in South Africa’s bus industry, offered comprehensive bus and train services across major cities including Cape Town, Johannesburg, and even extending to Mozambique 5. The fleet boasted over a hundred buses, equipped with modern conveniences designed to enhance passenger comfort. These amenities included reclining seats with seat belts, individual air vents, reading lights, and on some buses, audio/visual entertainment systems, air conditioning, and bathrooms 5.

Seating and Onboard Features

Passengers traveling with Eldo Coaches could enjoy the comfort of reclining seats arranged in a 2:2 configuration, each fitted with individual air vents and reading lights. For added convenience, some buses also featured power outlets, USB plugs, and onboard toilets, although it is noted that Wi-Fi was not available 5.

Pricing and Luggage Policy

Eldo Coaches offered competitive pricing with the flexibility to reschedule trips up to 24 hours before departure for a fee. However, refunds were not available if rescheduling occurred less than 24 hours before departure 5. Each passenger was allowed one piece of baggage weighing no more than 25kg for free, with the option to transport additional luggage or items like bicycles and sports equipment for a fee 5.

Customer Feedback and Ratings

Despite the amenities, Eldo Coaches struggled with customer satisfaction, reflected in a low rating of 1.2 stars based on customer reviews. Common complaints included issues with additional fees and the quality of additional services, with specific grievances about overheating buses and non-functional amenities which compromised passenger safety 1718.

Operational Challenges

In June 2023, Eldo Coaches announced the suspension of its services after decades of operation. This decision marked the end of an era for what was once known as South Africa’s newest bus fleet as of April 2018, which included models like the Single Decker, Comfort Liner, and Executive Touring Seater, all equipped with standard amenities to ensure passenger comfort during their travels 519.

City to City

Overview and Services

City to City, a subsidiary of Autopax Passenger Services (SOC) Ltd, operates under the trading name for luxury coach operations and is wholly owned by PRASA (Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa) 16. This bus service provides affordable and high-quality long-distance transport solutions across South Africa and its neighboring countries 16.

Fleet and Amenities

The fleet includes semi-luxury single-decker coaches equipped with individual armrests, onboard toilet facilities, three-point safety belts, and reading lights, ensuring a comfortable journey for passengers 21. Despite starting with 514 buses, as of 2023, the fleet has been reduced to about 75 buses, all over 12 years old 16.

Routes and Pricing

City to City services a vast network, connecting major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, and covers eight provinces including Western Cape and Gauteng 121. Popular routes include Johannesburg to Cape Town and Durban to Pretoria among others 21. Ticket prices are economical, starting from ZAR 250, and vary depending on the distance traveled 121.

Additional Services and Policies

Children under three years travel for free, although they cannot occupy a seat 21. The luggage policy allows one free luggage per passenger, with size and weight restrictions based on domestic and cross-border services 21. For customer convenience, cancellations and refunds are managed directly through City to City, with no refunds permitted post-departure 21.

Customer Support

For any inquiries or assistance, customers can contact City to City through their customer care email or phone 16. This support extends to a network of PRASA-owned bus terminals across major cities, ensuring accessible and coordinated travel services 16.

South Africa Bus-Magic Bus

Travel Packages and Pricing

Magic Bus offers exclusive 10-day group travel packages to South Africa, tailored for groups ranging from 15 to 30 people. The base price per person is set at $2,500, with attractive discounts available based on group size: 5% off for groups of 15-20, 10% off for 21-25, and 15% off for 26-30 people 22.

Inclusions and Exclusions

The travel package is comprehensive, including round-trip airfare from the United States, airport transfers, nine nights in 4-star hotels, daily breakfast, five guided tours, all ground transportation between destinations, and travel insurance 22. However, it is important to note that meals other than breakfast, personal expenses, and tips for guides and hotel staff are not covered 22.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

A $500 deposit per person is required at booking, with the full balance due 60 days prior to departure. The cancellation policy is generous, offering a full refund minus a $100 processing fee for cancellations made 90 days or more before departure. A 50% refund applies to cancellations made between 60 and 89 days, and no refund is available for cancellations made less than 60 days before departure 22.

Strategic Acquisitions and Partnerships

Recently, Magic Bus expanded its market reach by acquiring QuickBus, a bus ticketing platform with operations in Nigeria and South Africa. This acquisition, a combination of cash and stock, grants Magic Bus access to QuickBus’s existing partnerships with major entities like Vodaphone’s VodaPay app in South Africa 23. Following this, QuickBus’s customers in Nigeria and South Africa will transition to using BuuPass for booking travel across all platforms 23.

Expansion and User Base

BuuPass, now under Magic Bus, has seen significant growth since its inception in 2017. It has sold over 6 million travel tickets, generating more than $100 million in ticket sales, and served over 16 million passengers. BuuPass users now have access to international routes across 16 African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana 23.


Throughout this article, we have traversed the landscape of South Africa’s bus services, shedding light on the top picks for travelers in 2024. From the traditional reliability and comfort offered by Greyhound and Intercape to the innovative and expansive services of City to City and Magic Bus, each company provides a distinctive approach to travel that promises safety, comfort, and affordability. The evolution of these services, including both established companies and new entrants, highlights the dynamic nature of South Africa’s travel industry and its readiness to cater to diverse passenger needs and preferences.

As we reflect on the information presented, it becomes clear that the choice of bus service can significantly enhance the travel experience within South Africa and beyond. The insights into pricing, amenities, and customer feedback serve as vital considerations for any traveler planning their journey. Looking ahead, the ongoing developments and improvements within these companies suggest a promising future for bus travel in South Africa, making it an ever more attractive option for both local and international travelers seeking to explore the beauty and diversity of this captivating region.


What is the premier bus service to use in South Africa?

Mzansi offers an outstanding bus service in South Africa, as reported by a traveler who spent 5 weeks exploring the country and experienced various modes of transportation. Mzansi stands out for its professional and friendly staff, punctuality, safe driving, and informative guides about the scenic Drakensberg to Johannesburg route.

When is the ideal time to go on a tour in South Africa?

Touring South Africa is most favorable from May to September, during the winter months in the northern regions, which provide excellent conditions for big game viewing. Although it tends to rain from November to February, this period is also great for bird watching, and the temperatures are pleasantly warm, ranging from 22°C to 33°C.

What is the most efficient mode of transportation for traversing South Africa?

For those with limited time, air travel is the most efficient way to get around South Africa. FlySafair is a reliable airline that serves less than a dozen destinations. While flying is the quickest way to travel across the country, it is also the least environmentally friendly option.

Which mode of transportation is considered the safest in South Africa?

Air travel is deemed the safest mode of transportation in South Africa. Domestic flights are quite affordable for international visitors when considering the current exchange rate. Flying is not only safer but also a much quicker way to travel between popular routes within the country.


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