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Team Swat Shuttles: Booking, Destinations and Contacts


In this article I bring you Team Swat Shuttles Booking Destinations and Booking. I am going to give a review of these shuttles and also answer some of your questions.

But first things first. What is Team Swat Shuttles?

Team Swat Shuttles is a group of shuttle buses and minibuses and Nissan Matatus that operate in most of the counties in Kenya.

This what they say about themselves on their website:

Team SWAT logistics and Management LTD is the new buzz in the country for your travel needs. We pride ourselves in comfortable and affordable experience. Our customer service is quick and personalized to consistently meet & surpass our client’s expectations. Our destinations are fairly distributed across Nyanza, South Rift Valley & western Kenya, include Kapsabet, Chavakali, Kakamega, Malava, Luanda, Kisumu and Kericho; all circling back to Nairobi City. However, with our exponentially growing client base, we are confident to expand to other regions soon. In addition to shuttle services, we also offer the most efficient parcel services, car hire & rentals at competitive prices. Customized fleet management tops our portfolio.’’

In a nutshell, they offer the following services:

  • Transport services to destinations to mostly western part of Kenya.
  • Parcel services
  • Car hire and Rental Services

Team Swat Shuttles Destinations

Though they say that they operate in counties in Kenya, Team Swat Shuttles operate mainly to the South Rift, Western and Nyanza parts of Kenya.

Most of the routes they operate on are from Nairobi to the following cities and towns;

  • Kisumu
  • Kericho
  • Kapsabet
  • Kakamega
  • Malava
  • Luanda
  • Chavakali

From my own investigation however, their main route is the Nairobi-Kapsabet-Chavakali- Kakamega. They have offices in Nairobi, Kapsabet, Chavakali and Kakamega cities and directly compete with other shuttles on this route such as Classic Shuttle, Classic Luxury Shuttle, Bungoma line Shuttle and Blueline Shuttles.

Team Swat Shuttles Contacts

Team Swat Shuttles operates a Facebook page and a website. You can contact them through the following contacts

Contacts: +254796722089/+254733346346/+254719896443


Facebook page:


There head office is located at Mfangano Street Opposite quickmart supermarket,Hakati Business Centre, Nairobi.

Team Swat Shuttles Online Booking

The company has an online booking located on its website . As to whether the booking portal works, I may not know for now.

If you have used the portal and it worked, I will glad if you shared your experiences below.

Apart from the available online boking portal, you can just walk into there offices and get your ticket.

Team Swat Shuttles Reviews

Team Swat is your average shuttles matatus that operate on Kenyan roads. Do not expect anything special from them. They are no better than their competition.

I took sometime to look at their Facebook page and I found the following reviews;

Shikavi Mayaki Khalayi Says,

Any time I have used them to send a parcel, they charge way more than other shuttles, they never give a receipt after payment for the parcel and they don’t communicate on time. So frustrating. Wacha nirudi blueline, they are transparent.

Here is another review from Kipng’etich Kipng’etich, he says;

KDE 069T Team Swat shuttles the ride was smooth, the driver very humble, no over speeding, no loud music…wow! I appreciate this driver Kapsabet to Nairobi.’

Lastly, here is what Pius Wambua who does not recommend Team Swat says,

Sleepy reckless driver assigned to KDK 228H on night of 10.4.23 from Nairobi to Kakamega. Quite a terrible experience!’

My take

You maybe asking, have I ever used Team Swat, and what my experience!

The quick answer to this is that I have used Team Swat once, from Kapsabet to Nairobi. One thing I can say categorically is that these shuttles are sometimes driven recklessly.

I got the impression that they are tying to compete with other vehicles on the road. As a result of this, they overtake recklessly.  

A recent accident (April 2023) in Naivaisha where one of there Shuttles collided with a lorry was a result of reckless overtaking. Several students from a school in Vihiga County lost their lives.

And as I said earlier, they are just your average matatu shuttles on the road, let not there name deceive you that they are any different.

Final Thoughts

Team Swat is just another shuttle company is competing with other shuttles on the lucrative Nairobi -Western Kenya routes. They offer shuttle services, parcel services and car hire and rental services.

So, what was you experience travelling with Team Swat Shuttles, I will be glad to hear your thoughts below.

Maishah Marsden
Maishah Marsden
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