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Samper Tours and Travel Destinations, Fares and Contacts

Samper Tours and Travel Destinations, Fares and Contacts

Samper Tours and Travel Ltd is a travel company that provides travel from Nairobi to Kisumu. They operate 7 seater vans which are currently carrying 5 occupants due to Covid-19 restrictions that ensure that social distancing is maintained.

Samper Tours and Travel Office and Contacts

They have a small office sandwiched between a staircase and the perimeter wall of the building on Latema Street. Mostly you will not see this office, you will only see touts moving about the vicinity of their vans scouting for passengers traveling to Kisumu.

Latema Street for those of us, who are new, is at the junction with Tom Mboya Street at Odion Cinema, as to move towards Embassy Cinema.

Location: Latema Plaza, Latema Street, P.O BOX 12862-00400, Nairobi.

Cell Number:  +254 726561460

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/samperltd/

Website: Currently No website

Samper Tours and Travel LTD Booking

The company does not have a booking portal; neither do they offer advance online booking. I tried to call their number once and nobody seemed to take my call seriously.

To book all you need to do is walk to their office and board on of their van. An attendant will ensure that you have a ticket and you are ready to go.

My Experience Traveling with Samper Tours and Travel

I tried using their service to travel from Nairobi to Kisumu. Because they only carry a maximum of 5 passengers, I thought that I would be on my journey in no time. Besides there are the Prestige shuttles I would have taken nearby.

I was convinced that there was only one more passenger besides me that was required to “fill” the van. I put my luggage in the boot and took my seat.

I was wrong!

It later turned out that I was the second passenger and there were 3 more to go. I took over one hour waiting for the other passengers.

This was the worst I saw from the company. However, we took off to Kisumu at 8.00 am and traveled to Kisumu without incident.

We arrived in Kisumu at 2.30pm, having made a stop in Nakuru.

So do I rate Samper Tours and Travel?

On Customer service, on a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate them 4, due to the fact that I was lied to and had to wait for almost 2 hours.

On comfortability, I rate them 6, that average, I did not see much difference with the seats you normally find in shuttles, though they are slightly better. Besides, I did not get to see charging ports or free Wi-Fi onboard.

On average, they score a 5, which is just average and they are no different from other players in the industry.

Are you traveling to Kisumu? Why not Try;


Samper Tours and Travel Ltd is your average transport company between Nairobi and Kisumu. Do not expect much from them.

You are better off taking another shuttle or a reputable bus company. Do not be lied to that since they are vans, they are more comfortable and travel fast.

As for the fare, I paid 1500 to Kisumu; I guess it is due to the Covid-19 regulations. Before these regulations, passengers used to pay Ksh. 1000.00.

This is the same fare you will be expected to pay with other shuttles or buses plying the same route.

That said, I have no idea, what it will cost this Christmas holiday.

Have you ever traveled with Samper tours? What was your experience like?

Please share with us.

As you travel, remember to keep safe and always look over your shoulder. Do not trust anyone you travel with.

Safe journey.

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