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    Discounted Huawei Devices At Safaricom Open Day

    Safaricom Open Day is with us here again and they have a tone of devices from different manufacturers they are selling during the current open day that will end on 15th of December 2020.

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    Some of the devices they are selling are of the Huawei brands, which includes phones and wearables.

    To enjoy these discounted prices, you can either visit your nearest Safaricom Shop or better still visit Safaricom’s own store Masoko.  

    Huawei Devices Available during Safaricom’s Open Day.

    DeviceCurrent PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount OfferedCompared With Jumia
    Huawei Y9 Prime 201927,499.0019,399.008100.00Check Jumia
    Huawei Y5p11,799.009,499.002300.00Check Jumia
    Huawei Y9s28,499.0022,999.005000.00Check Jumia
    Huawei Watch GT2e19,999.0017,999.002000.00
    Huawei Watch GT2( 42 and 46 models)24,999.0022,499.002500.00 –
      Huawei Power banks(20000mAh,18W)4399.002,999.001400.00– 
    Huawei Freebuds 3 headphones19,999.0017,999.002000– 

    You can now visit Safaricom shops during this promotion to buy your desired device. Take advantage of the festivities to buy products at discounted prices.

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    Please also check out discounts on Oppo devices.

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    Judith Atieno
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