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5 things I learned about Jumia Ultimate Black Friday

5 things I learned about Jumia Ultimate Black Friday

Friday 23rd November 2018 was the Jumia Ultimate Black Friday. However, the festival was not limited to Jumia alone. Several other retailers were also advertising their offers to whoever bothered to listen. I saw many such adverts on television, radio and social media. The black Friday crazy was with us here again and promises of cheaper deals were being bombarded to consumers left, right and center.

Throughout the month of November, promotions have been running to depict that this is the black month. In fact, every Friday has been a black Friday. Moreover, I have been following this keenly to see for myself what is on offer and if I could in any way benefit from all of this.

By the way, who does not want cool, genuine and original stuff almost free? Just like any other shopper, I have kept my eyes and ears open.

I have religiously followed happenings on Jumia Kenya and I have a story to tell.

What I learned about Jumia Ultimate Black Friday

1.Black Friday is really black

These deals begin in the dead of the night. What would be more black than having to wait until 23.59hrs in the dead of night to actually enjoy super deals? Even though the black has no relation to the dark of the night, but the timing makes it really black.

I have severally tried waiting until that late only to get nothing especially if am on treasure hunt mission. Sometimes I feel that I have wasted my precious time.

For your Information: There are many theories about how black Friday begun and it has nothing to do with what retailers want you to believe. Usually black Friday comes after thanksgiving. This is usually celebrated in the United States of America, Canada and some other pacific countries. This year, thanksgiving fell on 22nd November 2018, that makes the following day a black Friday.

The most acceptable theory is that black Friday begun when after the Thanksgiving Day of 1950, chaos erupted the following day after tourists and shoppers flooded the city of Philadelphia in anticipation of a football game to be played the next day.

Some accounts put the origins of Black Friday as early as the 1800s. Today retailers all the over the world sell their merchandise cheaper on this day now known as the black Friday. For Jumia they call it the Jumia Ultimate black Friday.

2. Battles are won in a matter of seconds.

Battles on Jumia can be full blown and crazy. These battles are not visible, they are fought behind computers and smartphones. It is the battle for value.

Take an example of flash sales on Jumia. They began at 9.00am. There were very good deals here I can tell you. Imagine Oppo F9 selling for Ksh. 9999.00 down from Ksh 35000.00. Or even other sweet deals such as 2Kg Maize flour selling for Ksh. 20.00 or 2Kg sugar selling for Ksh. 99.00

Now this is what happens, some 5 minutes to 9.00 am, everyone will be behind his or her computers or smartphones. The battle line are drawn. Everyone is ready to pounce. As soon as the clock hits 9.00am, everyone logs in and within seconds, all products on offer are gone! The lucky few have won the battle for value within a matter of seconds before you very own eyes!

I saw these battles during the Jumia Ultimate Black Friday.

3. You get value for money when you spend more

There is no doubt that promotions such as Jumia Ultimate Black Friday sometimes sell items at throw away prices. However, there is a catch to this.

Let me explain.

Now, let us consider the Maize flour going for Ksh. 20.00. Only one item is available per person. The item is also eligible for free shipping but to qualify for free shipping, you have to spend Ksh. 3880 more.

Here you have two options; one, you buy your Ksh. 20.00 maize flour bag and pay for shipping, which is in excess of Ksh. 300.00 depending on location or you buy more stuff to be eligible for free shipping.

Off course, the first option does not make sense.

If you are buying more stuff, this makes sense. To enjoy supper deals, you have to spend more. If you do not intend to spend more, then these deals are not for you.

4. Treasure hunts are no walks in the park

One of the most popular promotions on Jumia Ultimate Black Friday is the treasure hunts. Most of us know what they are. It you do not know let me walk you through.

On Jumia, this black Friday, there are two product you were to find, the I-phone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. These items are hidden in other categories not related to them. Therefore, what you have to do is go looking for them. Get them and they are yours at 99% off. Imagine buying I-phone X at Ksh.5.00 when actually it retails at over Ksh. 100000.00.

Now this is what treasure hunt is.

However, there is a problem. Finding such items during the hunt is an intimidating task. Besides how are you supposed to be online for a period of 2-3 hours continuously?

It is easier to hunt for the lion in the African jungle than hunt for these Items. I am yet find one person who has successfully done this. If you ever found one of these items, share with me your story.

5. Products listed may actually not be there!

This is my personal experience and may not be what Jumia does. Why I am I saying so?

Let me give you my experience.

I once logged into Jumia to try to buy a phone that was selling at way cheaper than the retail price. It was one of those flash sales. At two seconds to go, I am at the page that sells the phone. When the page goes live I hit the buy button and I am told that the phones are out of stock!

How can 10 pieces of the phone disappear in less than 10 milliseconds?

I leave the rest to you to judge.

Final thoughts

Jumia Ultimate black Friday offers shoppers items at very cheap prices. All of us have different shopping experiences. I have shared what I learned during the sale.

Hopefully, I will be more prepared during the next Jumia ultimate black Friday.

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