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Friday, March 5, 2021

More Default On HELB As COVID-19 Continues Hurt Economy

More than 38,314 former university students in the country have defaulted on their HELB(Higher Education Loans Board) loans in the 10 months from February...

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    Jumia Kenya ultimate black Friday; 3 products to look for.

    This Friday goes down as the Jumia Kenya ultimate black Friday. As they say it here, it is either you save money or save money.

    The black Friday promotion begun this month,  where every Friday is going to be a black Friday.  Jumia now has upped the game and this Friday, Jumia is going to sell products at through away prices. They call it the Jumia Kenya ultimate black Friday.

    What is on offer on Jumia Kenya Ultimate Black Friday

    I phone X

    If you are lucky enough you can get this phone for Ksh 5.00. No, this was not a typo; get ready for this phone that costs Ksh. 104,000 at that amazing price.

    Oppo F9

    This phone comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. This phone costs Ksh 31000.00. However on Jumia Kenya ultimate black Friday, it only goes for Ksh. 9999.00. There are 10 units of this, how about grabbing just one.

    Mooka 55’’ Smart TV

    Sometimes offers like this on makes you regret why you bought that TV you are already using. Why did you not wait a bit a little longer? May be, just may be you would have waited.

    This deal is just too good. But it is true. This smart TV, will cost you only Ksh. 19999.00, down from Ksh. 44,000.00. If you know what a smart TV is and what screen size is on offer, then you know as I do that this a deal a sweet one.

    Other offers

    There are thousands of products on offer at discounted prices. Listed below are just some with unbelievable prices.

    • Sunrice Basmati Rice 2 Kg-Ksh 99.00 down from Ksh.449.00.
    • Jogoo Unga Maize meal 2Kg– Ksh. 20.00 down from Ksh 91.00
    • Nutrameal Sugar– Ksh 99.00 down from Ksh 261.00
    • JVC foldable earphones– Ksh 949.00 down from Ksh.1613.
    • JVC In-Ear earphones- Ksh 299.00 down from Ksh 763.00
    • Silent Night Duvet- 999.00 down from Ksh 4000.00.


    The Jumia Kenya Ultimate Friday is here and goes down on 23rd November 2018. You can take advantage of the amazing offers to shop before the festive season begins.

    There literally thousands of offers. You can see all offers here.


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