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How to Register For Mpost in Minutes


I recently wrote how to get a post Office Box in Kenya, and in that post I promised you that I will be showing you how to register for Mpost services in Kenya.

I have decided to show you today how to do exactly that and much more.

Why? Because I followed the same process and obtained my Mpost address, it is just important that I show you how I did it.

How to Register Mpost Via USSD

All you need is your phone, then follow these steps

  • Dial  *890*90#
  • Enter your ID or passport number (press send)
  • Enter your postal code  (enter the one nearest where you stay)
  • Enter  agent’s mobile number, if not applicable enter zero (o)
  • You will be asked to pay Ksh. 300 (enter your proffered service pin)via the a pay bill.
  • You done, you have you address, you should be able to get a message to that effect.

How to Register Mpost online

This is the method is used to get my phone as my address.

I went to the Mpost website here, clicked the get Mpost link and that took me to a page that required that I fill in some information.

I filled in the required information.

The required information is

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Gender
  • National ID
  • Date of Birth
  • E-mail Address
  • Region
  • Select Post office.

As you can see, the required information is straight forward. ‘Selecting a Post Office’ means choosing a Post Office that you will be picking your letters from. It only makes sense that you choose a Post Office that is closest to you.

Once done, I hit the ‘Register Button’.

You now be prompted to pay Ksh. 300 via Paybill number number. Please pay that amount.

As soon as the amount is paid, you will get a message, confirming that you now are a Mpost user.

That is how simple it is.

Mpost Paybill Number

As I have said earlier, you will need to pay via Mpesa through a paybill Number. Whether you are using the first or the second method, you will need the paybill number.

The Paybill number is 506500. During payment please input the phone number you wish to use as your Mpost address.


Your Postal Address will be in the format +25471052XX52-00100, where the 00100 is the post office you chose during registration. Note that the Ksh. 300 you pay will take you for a year.

You can now receive letters without worries.

As soon as local or international mail arrives at you post office, a message will be sent to you to collect them.

How you registered for Mpost? If so share with us your experience.

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