Home BUSINESS Post Office Box charges in Kenya and How to Get a Box.

Post Office Box charges in Kenya and How to Get a Box.

Post Office Box charges in Kenya and How to Get a Box.

I began getting interest in Post Office Box charges in Kenya when I could not get my verification pin from Google for my ad sense account.

You see my ad sense account was bringing in some good money, and after 2 months of implementing ad sense on my sites, this one and another, my account had several hundred pounds which needed to be withdrawn. It was time to finally get reward for my labor.

In this age and era not everyone fancies having those post office boxes anymore. Emails, chats, social media have taken over as the preferred means of communication.

So when Google asked that I verify my account using a PIN sent to me via a post office box, I was a bit worried. Besides, most boxes I have been using belong to my either employer or church.

And you know as I do that getting a letter from such community boxes can be hard work. You are even lucky if your letter is actually sent to you.

I used one to get my pin, and after a month and a half without getting my letter, I gave up and began getting interest in post office charges in Kenya and how I would own a box of my own.

Below is what I found out.

Post Office Box charges in Kenya

Here are the charges.

  Entity Cost(Ksh)
1 Individual 2000
2 Co-operate 9450
3 Special Co-operate 6225
4 Sub-Post Office 1,320
5 Stand Alone 12500
6 Learning and religious institutions 7,725/-

Here is the rates straight from Posta. Have a look.

Post Office Boxes Rates

How to Get a Post Office Box

Even as you try to get to know Post Office Box Charges in Kenya, you may also want to know how to get the box.

Here are some the requirements you may need to obtain a box at your local Post Office.

  • Title
  • Names -First, Second and last name
  • Company Name
  • Physical address
  • Registration Number
  • Gender.
  • Physical address –location
  • Identification details
  • Specific area of trade or profession
  • Finally you will append your signature to agree to the terms and conditions.

It is important to note that, depending with the entity seeking the box, different requirements may be required.

Once you meet all this conditions and your application looks good, you should be issued with a key to your box.


Having a Post Office Box is a requirement when registering for a company. In my case, needed something that can help me get my mails at the cheapest cost possible.

So what did I do?

I got my Mpost address using my phone. Here is how to apply for one.

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