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Airtel shops in Nairobi: Locations and Working hours.


Looking for Airtel shops in Nairobi? Here I have the list. Remember Airtel Kenya is the largest network in Kenya second only to Safaricom. Though Safaricom is bigger than Airtel by numbers, yet there are some services I would trust this network over others.

I do not know what your experience is but if there is no any other mobile network out there that provides unlimited internet bundles for modems. Second I have always found that the Airtel network is always clearer that the rest. That is me but I do not know about you and what your take is. Now first things first, let see where Airtel shops in Nairobi are located.

Location of Airtel Shops in Nairobi

  • Koinange Street Shop

Location: Located on Koinange Street in the CBD, Uniafric House on ground floor.

Working Hours: Opens 9.00am-6.00pm Monday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

  • Parkside Towers Shop

Location: Located at the Parkside towers building. This is the same building that Airtel headquarters in Kenya.

Working hours: Opens Monday to Saturday from 9.00am-6.00pm.Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

  • Sarit Centre Shop

Location: Found at the Sarit Centre shopping mall, in Westlands on the ground floor off Karuna road.

Working hours: Opens from 9.00am-6.00am all weekdays and Saturday. Remains closed on Sunday and public holidays.

  • Westgate Mall Shop

Location: Located at the Westgate mall off Peponi road in Westlands.

Working Hours: Opens from 9.00am to 6.00am Monday through Saturday. Remains closed on Sunday and public holidays.

  • Moi Avenue Branch (Airtel Express Outlet)

This is the newest of all the Airtel shops in Nairobi and is just less than a year old.

Location: Moi Avenue in the CBD.

Working Hours: Opens from 9.00am-6.00am Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Services offered

At most of the Airtel shops in Nairobi you can have access to handsets, airtime, data, internet settings, bill payments, account activation and internet modems other customer care services.

Should you want to contact Airtel, you can do so through the following;

Postpaid and prepaid Call Centre call 100(free). When roaming call the call centre 24 hours on +254733100100(chargeable).

Email: or

Cell: +254 734 110000. These are the Airtel shops in Nairobi and please note that as of writing this article, the Westgate Shop was operational. However it remains closed after the terrorist attack on the mall. It you are looking for Safaricom, Telecom, or Faiba Shops in Nairobi, please follow the links.

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Maishah Marsden
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