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You Risk Jail Term, A Fine or Both For Not Wearing a Face Mask

face mask

It is now mandatory to have masks in now public places including supermarkets, banking halls, malls, Matatus and other public places in Kenya. Failure to do so will lead to a conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding Twenty thousand shillings and be imprisoned for a period not exceeding 6 months of both. Now it is official that you will need a mask in public according to the government Kenya Gazette seen by ShopaXo.

face mask

A spot check by ShopaXo showed that customers visiting banks, supermarkets and shopping malls were turned away. This comes at a time the government announced five more cases, bringing the total number of Covid-19 cases in Kenya to 183. Now it is official that you will need a mask in public according to the government Kenya Gazette seen by ShopaXo.

Speaking to the media, Kenya Cabinet Secretary said that from the latest testing, 5 more people had tested positive for the new coronavirus. He also reported that one patient had died of the virus in Mombasa bringing the total number of death cases to seven.

The cabinet also urged businesspeople, in open markets, Kinyozis, Salons and other business to observe high standards of hygiene including mandatory putting on of the masks and assume that everyone coming to their businesses in are carrying the deadly virus.

Meanwhile, tailors around the country are finding a new way of turning the Covid-19 pandemic to their advantage. Business is booming after these tailors turned to making face masks in large quantities. Textile industries have also turned to producing free masks almost over night.

Masks are currently selling at Ksh. 50, though the government throughout factories in Kenya, as producing masks that will be distributed free to all Kenya through Mpesa agents, volunteers and government bodies.

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Written by Judith Atieno

Judith Atieno is an intelligence researcher who enjoys helping old ladies across the road, painting and meditation. She is Kind and Outgoing, but can also be very pessimistic and a bit impatient.
She has a degree in journalism, though that is not what she does. However, she won't mind writing articles that keep readers on the edge.


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