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    The Ultimate Guide to Internet Service Providers in Kenya 2023

    Welcome to our comprehensive guide on internet service providers (ISPs) in Kenya. If you’re looking for reliable and high-speed internet connections, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll provide you with an in-depth overview of the top ISPs in Kenya, offering you detailed insights to help you make an informed decision for your internet needs.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Top Internet Service Providers in Kenya
    3. Factors to consider when choosing an ISP
    4. Comparing Internet Packages
    5. Coverage and Availability
    6. Customer Reviews and Satisfaction
    7. Technological Advancements
    8. Future of Internet Connectivity in Kenya
    9. Conclusion


    In today’s digital age, having a fast and reliable internet connection is crucial for both personal and professional activities. With numerous ISPs available in Kenya, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Our guide aims to simplify this process by providing you with an extensive overview of the best ISPs in the country.

    Top Internet Service Providers in Kenya

    Below, we have compiled a comprehensive list of prominent ISPs in Kenya, each contributing to the nation’s digital transformation:

    1. Safaricom Home Fibre: Safaricom, a telecommunications giant, offers Home Fibre services that deliver high-speed internet to residential and commercial customers. With widespread coverage and competitive pricing, Safaricom Home Fibre is a popular choice for many Kenyans.
    2. Zuku Fiber: Zuku Fiber provides reliable fiber-optic internet connections, particularly in urban areas. Their range of packages caters to different bandwidth needs, ensuring a seamless online experience.
    3. JTL Faiba: JTL’s Faiba brand has disrupted the market with its affordable high-speed internet solutions. The ISP utilizes a combination of fiber-optic and wireless technologies to deliver fast and reliable connectivity.
    4. Telkom Kenya: Telkom Kenya offers a variety of internet services, including DSL and fiber-optic connections. Their wide coverage makes them a viable option for both urban and rural customers.
    5. Airtel Kenya: Airtel provides 4G and 3G internet services across the country. Their portable routers and mobile hotspots are popular among users seeking flexible connectivity options.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing an ISP

    Selecting the right ISP requires careful consideration of several factors, each contributing to your overall internet experience:

    • Coverage Area: Ensure that the ISP’s coverage extends to your location to avoid connectivity issues.
    • Speed and Bandwidth: Assess your usage needs to choose a plan with adequate speed and bandwidth for seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming.
    • Reliability: Research the ISP’s reliability track record to avoid frequent outages or slow connections.
    • Customer Support: Reliable customer support is essential for prompt issue resolution. Look for ISPs with responsive customer service teams.
    • Pricing: Compare pricing plans and contract terms to find a package that aligns with your budget.

    Comparing Internet Packages


    Safaricom is the leading internet provider in Kenya. Literally millions of people use Safaricom internet everyday on there mobile phones. The internet speed ranges from 8-100Mbps. The price goes for between Ksh. 2,999 – 15,699.

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    The company offers packages as follows:

    Explore home

    • Bronze (8Mbps) – KES 2,999
    • Silver (20Mbps) – KES 4,100
    • Gold (40Mbps) – KES 6,299
    • Diamond (100Mbps) – KES 12,499

    Home Plus

    • Home Plus 1000 (5GB + 400Min + 1000SMS) – KES 1,000
    • Home Plus 2000 (15GB + 1000Min + 2000SMS) – KES 2,000
    • Home Plus 3000 (25GB + 1500Min + 3000SMS) – KES 3,000
    • Home Plus 5000 (35GB + 2500Min + 5000SMS) – KES 5,000

    Explore Business

    • Small offices of 1-10 users (3Mbps) – KES 4,100
    • Medium offices of 10-20 users (5Mbps) – KES 5,799
    • Medium offices of 20-30 users (10Mbps) – KES 15,699

    JTL Faiba

    We all know Faiba from the adverts they rum on TV and which are hilarious to say the least. Owned by Jamii Telecom Communications, Faiba is one of the cheapest internet provider in Kenya with very reliable and fast internet. It is one of the most reliable Internet Service Providers in Kenya.

    There speed is in the range of 15 – 125Mbps and price range of between Ksh 5,250 – 55,000

    Faiba offers the following packages:

    Faiba home plans

    • 30Mbps – KES 5,250
    • 50Mbps – KES 10,500
    • 75Mbps – KES 15,750
    • 125Mbps – KES 21,000

    Faiba business plans

    • 15Mbps (ideal for 1-10 users) – KES 10,000
    • 25Mbps (ideal for 11-20 users) – KES 15,000
    • 40Mbps (ideal for 21-30 users) – KES 25,000
    • 60Mbps (ideal for 31-40 users) – KES 30,000
    • 75Mbps (ideal for 41-50 users) – KES 40,000
    • 100Mbps (ideal for 51-65 users) – KES 55,000

    If you interested with Faiba, you can contact them on the through 0747 585 100/ 020 8405100 or email them via


    Zuku is a reputable and well known ISP in Kenya. Most of us know it for offering unlimited connectivity, locally known as Zuku Fibre. What’s more, the company provides free installation services, and payments are usually made on a month-to-month basis.

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    There speed is in the range of 10 – 500Mbps at a price tag of KES 2,799 – 6,299

    Below are the packages on offer

    Internet Only

    • 10Mbps – KES 2,799
    • 20Mbps – KES 4,199
    • 60Mbps – KES 5,999

    Triple Play

    Apart from providing internet, triple play also has television connectivity.

    • 10Mbps + 60 channels – KES 2,899
    • 20Mbps + 60 channels – KES 4,399
    • 60Mbps + 60 channels – KES 6,299

    You can get in contact with Zuku through 0205-205-205, 0719-028-200 or email them through


    Airtel is one of the most reliable internet service providers in Kenya. It has affordable data bundles. Moreover, to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity you can by there 4G SmartBox and 4G SmartBox bundles. This will make your experience even amazing with this internet service providers in Kenya

    With the 4G SmartBox, you have the following packages:

    • 4G SmartBox 40GB – KES 2,000 (30 days)
    • 4G SmartBox 70GB – KES 3,000 (30 days)
    • 4G SmartBox 100GB – KES 4,000 (30 days)

    Liqiud Home

    This is Kenyan ISP that mainly serves Nairobi and its surroundings. The provider is known for offering reliable internet with no buffering or broken signals.

    If you choose to go with this provider, then the are the packages on offer:

    • Basic fibre 5Mbps – KES 2,499
    • Fast fibre 10Mbps – KES 3,499
    • Super fast fibre 25Mbps – KES 5,199
    • Lightning fast fibre 50Mbps – KES 6,839
    • Turbo charged fibre 100Mbps – KES 11,999
    • Wimax 5Mbps – KES 2,499
    • Wimax 10Mbps – KES 3,499

    Surf Net Solutions

    Surfnet offers internet services to residents of Nairobi and surrounding counties such as Machakos and Kajiado, there speed range from 5 – 45Mbps with a price tag of between Ksh 2,400 – 25,000.

    For the packages available, you get the following:

    Home Fibre

    • 10Mbps – KES 2,400
    • 20Mbps – KES 3,500
    • 40Mbps – KES 5,000

    Home Wireless

    • 5Mbps – KES 2,400
    • 8Mbps – KES 3,000
    • 20Mbps – KES 5,000

    Business Packages

    • 6Mbps – KES 5,000
    • 12Mbps – KES 8,000
    • 45Mbps – KES 25,000

    To get connected, call 0777726888/ 0755545333/ 0777744003 or email


    Poa! is one of the top Internet Service Providers in Kenya serving Nairobi and its environs. To get connected, you have to pay Ksh 3500 installation fee and a monthly connectivity fee of Ksh.1500.

    The good thing is that there is no data cap on there packages, making it a good Internet Service Providers in Kenya.

    Thinking Poa!, then you can get in touch via or call them directly via 0730 762 762.

    CheetahNet Solutions

    Cheetahnet has various packages you can choose from. With a speed of 2 – 20Mbps and price range of between Ksh 5 – 15,000, you are spoilt for choice.

    Here are the packages:

    Hourly Rate

    • 2Mbps – KES 20 (Valid 1 hour)
    • 2Mbps – KES 50 (Valid 3 hours)
    • 2Mbps – Kshs 100/day

    Data Bundles

    • 50MB – KES 5 (Valid for 30 days)
    • 100MB – KES 10 (Valid for 30 days)
    • 200MB – KES 20 (Valid for 30 days)
    • 1GB – KES 50 (Valid for 30 days) 2GB – KES 80 (Valid for 30 days)
    • 4GB – KES 150 (Valid for 30 days)

    Weekly Bundles

    • 2 Mbps – KES 500
    • 4 Mbps – KES 1,000

    Monthly Bundles

    • 3Mbps – KES 2,000
    • 6Mbps – KES 3,000
    • 12Mbps – KES 6,000

    Monthly Business

    • 2Mbps – KES 2,500
    • 4Mbps – KES 3,500
    • 6Mbps – KES 5,000
    • 12Mbps – KES 10,000
    • 20Mbps – KES 15,000


    With the slogan connecting homes and businesses, this ISP provides reliable and uncapped fiber internet for homes and businesses.

    They also offer 5MBPS for students at Ksh. 4000for 3 months. You only need a valid student ID. Seemingly they are building themselves to be reliable internet service providers in Kenya

    There speed range from 7-35MBPS with a price tag if between Ksh. 1800-5500.

    Here are the packages:

    • Simba Package- 7MBPS at Ksh. 1800
    • Kifaru Package- 12MBPS at Ksh. 2500
    • Nyati Package-18mbps at Ksh 4000
    • Ndovu Package-25MBPS at Ksh 4500( comes with a free router)
    • Chui Package- 35mbps at Ksh 5500( comes with a free router)

    Coverage and Availability

    It’s crucial to choose an ISP with coverage in your area. Safaricom home fibre boasts an extensive network that spans urban and rural regions, ensuring that you stay connected no matter where you are. Zuku fiber has strategically expanded its coverage, focusing on urban centers for maximum impact. JTL fiber coverage is concentrated in major cities, offering high-speed connections for businesses and residents alike.

    Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

    To gauge the quality of service, customer reviews play a vital role. Provider A receives praise for its reliable connections and prompt customer support. Provider B’s customers appreciate their transparent billing practices and consistent speeds. JTL Faiba has a loyal customer base that values its technological advancements and overall service quality.

    Technological Advancements

    JTL Faiba has revolutionized the ISP industry in Kenya by introducing cutting-edge technologies. They have pioneered the use of fiber optics to deliver unparalleled speeds and reliability. This commitment to innovation has spurred healthy competition among ISPs, ultimately benefiting consumers.

    Future of Internet Connectivity in Kenya

    As technology continues to advance, the future of internet connectivity in Kenya looks promising. With providers like Safaricom home fibre, Zuku fiber and JTL faiba pushing the boundaries, we can expect faster speeds, wider coverage, and improved customer experiences. The integration of 5G technology and the expansion of fiber optic networks will play a pivotal role in shaping this future.


    In conclusion, selecting the right ISP in Kenya is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Safaricom home fibre, Zuku fiber and JTL faiba are leading the charge in providing top-notch internet services to consumers across the country. Whether you prioritize speed, coverage, or innovation, these providers have a package that’s tailored to your needs. Stay connected and embrace the digital revolution with confidence by choosing the ISP that aligns with your requirements.

    Which of the Internet Service Providers in Kenya do you like? We have given you all the information you need. The chose is yours to make. And when you do so we will be happy to what you settled for.

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