Tahmeed Online Booking: A Simple 3 Step Process.

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I am going to take you through Tahmeed Online booking. At Shopaxo we are leaders in assisting people make informed decision about bus booking in Kenya.

Nevertheless, after you are done reading this article here is a list of other bus companies to consider.

That having been said, let us now look at what brought us here.

Tahmeed Online Booking Process

If you know how to do this, go straight to https://tahmeedcoach.co.ke/ and proceed.

However if you do not know how to book a Tahmeed bus online, let me take you through.

Now go to the link above. If it does not work, copy and place it in your browser. If you are using a phone, this may be tricky, all you need to do is type Tahmeed in your browser and click on the first search result that is shown.

Assuming that what you have done this correctly, you should get to this page.

Search for Any available Buses
Search for Any available Buses

From the image, all you need to do is search any available buses. Enter the travel destination and your current location (city/town you are traveling from).

If all looks good, hit the ‘Search Button’.

You should be able to get to this page.

Select a Seat(s)
Select a Seat(s)

The page scrolls up and available buses and their time of departure are shown. In addition, you can see the bus type and the number seats available.

Hit the ‘Book Seats’ Button.

This takes you to this page.

Make Your Payment
Make Your Payment

Now, available seats are in Amber (some may say Yellow). Those highlighted in Blue are unavailable. If you select a seat, it is highlighted as Green. Those in Red are reserved.

You will notice that as you select a seat, the bus fare is automatically changed on the right of your screen.

In my case as you can see, I have selected seats number 11 and the 12. The amount payable is Ksh. 2000.00. Also clearly shown is the travel date and the time of departure.

If all looks, follow the instructions provided on your right to make your payment.

Here are the instructions

  • Go to the Lipa na MPESA menu and select PAYBILL.
  • Business Number: 980431
  • Account Number Enter: XXM5F
  • Enter the fare 2,000.( This is amount payable, yours may be different)
  • Enter Your PIN Number.
  • Wait for the MPESA confirmation SMS and continue to Book Selected

Once you get the confirmation message, you have successful made your booking. That is how easy to make your online booking on Tahmeed bus.

All you need to do is present your message at the office you are departing from.

Tahmeed Bus Destinations

Tahmeed bus plies many routes within East Africa. From its Nairobi River Road Base, it travels to

  • Mombasa
  • Nakuru,
  • Eldoret
  • Kampala
  • Dar-es-salaam
  • Kisumu

Also, note that it also serves hundreds other towns in between these major cities. A search on their website should quickly assist you do this.

Tahmeed Bus Contacts

Address: Ground Floor, Zahra Building, River Rd, Nairobi

Phone: 0729 356561


If you are looking for a cheap bus, then you can try out Tahmeed. I was able to pay only KSh.1000 from Nairobi and Mombasa.  

As for my experience onboard, I must say it was normal as I expected. Nothing out of the ordinary.

If you successfully booked through this guide, I wish you a good trip.



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