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Safaricom Announces New Mpesa Charges January 1, 2021


Safaricom LTD has today announced New Mpesa Charges effective January 1 2021 that will see a reduction up to 45% on transfer of money.

The company says the new tariffs will affect more than 90% of all transactions. This means that Kenyans will pay less to send money on the Mpesa platform.

It will now cost you only Ksh 6 to send between Ksh 101 and Ksh 500 down from Ksh 11, a reduction of Ksh 5.

Transactions between Ksh. 1501 and Ksh. 2500 will cost Ksh. 22 down from Ksh 41and a reduction of Ksh. 19.

This is what the company said in a statement.

“As guided by the Central Bank of Kenya and taking into account the Principles on the pricing of mobile money services, we have taken the decision to reduce our MPESA tariffs by up to 45% for lower value transaction bands.”

This move comes after the company announced the end of free transfer of transactions less than Ksh.1000 and this move, the company says is in consideration of the expiry of the free transfer and the ongoing COVID-19 and the prevailing economic situation the country is in.

However, transactions for Ksh 100 will remain free. Other free transactions include transfers between Mpesa and banks.

Moreover, the company has also maintained the maximum you can transact in a day at Ksh.300, 000 and the same amount is the maximum you can hold in your Mpesa account.

The new tariffs will also apply to transactions for micro-business under the Pochi La Biashara service and Lipa Na Mpesa businesses using the Till to make transfers.

New Mpesa Charges

Here below are the New Mpesa charges that will be effective January 1, 2020.

MinMaxTransfer To Mpesa Users, Pochi La Biashara and Business Till To CustomersTransfer to Registered Mpesa UsersTransfer to Unregistered Mpesa UsersWithdrawal From Mpesa Agent
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Maishah Marsden
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