KCB Bank Code; What is Kenya Commercial Bank Code ?

kcb bank code

The KCB Bank Code is 01. Off course KCB standing for Kenya Commercial Bank.

However, remember that each of its branches has its own code that distinguishes the branch from other branches. Traditionally, each of the KCB branches will have a code that that goes this way 01XXX, where the 01 represents the KCB bank Code. Each bank again has its own code that distinguishes it from the other. For example, the Co-operative bank of Kenya code is different from KCB Bank Code.

So what exactly is a bank Code and what is its significance?

A bank Code (not to be confused with a Swift Code) is a code assigned to banks by The Central Bank or The Bankers Association or the any Supervisory Organization.  For example in Kenya, The Central Bank of Kenya assigns codes to banks in Kenya. As you can already see, KCB being one of the oldest banks in Kenya is assigned code 01.

Off course, rules of assigning bank Codes differ from country to country. In Kenya, banks are assigned codes that are numerals beginning with 01.

These rules as I said differ from country to country, thus, code 01 in Uganda could be a code for a local bank.

Why are these codes important?

These codes identifies banks and make communication between them or even from the Central Bank easy. Think of it this way, how would it be easy for the Central Bank or even you be able to differentiate banks with almost the same name almost instantly?

A bank Code is like a fingerprint that distinguishes a bank from another, just the way we distinguish ourselves using the same method.


The KCB bank Code is 01. If you are interested with bank codes for all banks, you can find them here.

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