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How To Use Video Marketing To Increase Engagement With Blog Posts

How To Use Video Marketing To Increase Engagement With Blog Posts

Video marketing has come a long way. It is now possibly the best marketing technique that exists in the world. People are using it to fulfill several purposes, and business needs are one of them. Video marketing can help you build a business and expand it over time. We live in a digital age where people are now connected with each other via social media. In this world, videos have been the most popular form of content for more than a decade now.

So, if you are planning to use video marketing to increase your engagement online, then it is a great idea. In today’s blog, we will talk about how you can increase engagement with the help of video marketing. Let’s take a look at it.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Before we find out how you can use video marketing to increase engagement, you should know why it is important. There are many ways in which video marketing strategy can allow a business to expand over time. Here are some of the top reasons why to use it – 

●       Help Break up the Text 

We live in a world where attention spans are getting shorter. Therefore, when you plan to promote your business, you have to capture the reader’s attention. Videos are a great way to quickly tell your audience what you have in mind. They can help to deliver better value and in-depth details about a particular product or service. It is high time that you get rid of the lengthy paragraphs and start using videos to help the audience understand better. The videos allow you to be more concise and break down the details with ease. 

●       Increases the Time Spent 

Videos can increase the overall time spent on a web page by at least 100%. When you are adding videos to your website, people tend to open it and watch it till the end. This takes some time before they can finish the video.

Hence, they automatically spend more time on your website. When people are spending more time on the website, your website ranking keeps improving. When people are spending more time watching your videos, you can easily showcase your products and services to the people out there with great ease.

●       Videos Attract Millennials 

Millennials are one of the most tech-savvy generations in our digital age and are absorbing a lot of content online. But one generation that beats them all, both in terms of digital fluency and dependencies, is Generation Z. This generation was already online and was born in a world at the current grassroots level, so they can never know the world without the Internet. Videos blend into the digital ecosystem really well, which makes them a great choice for attracting more Millennials.

So, these are the top reasons why you should be focusing on video marketing in 2021. Now that you know them, get hold of a good online video editor to make and edit your videos more professionally before posting on different platforms.

How to Use Video Marketing in 2021?

Now, we will show you the best ways in which we believe you can develop a very effective video marketing strategy. Let’s check out the top ways to use video marketing – 

●       Focus on Storytelling 

Concentrating on storytelling is one of the excellent ways to create a successful video marketing plan. Moreover, it helps develop your memory. Though it might appear weird or unbelievable to many of you, it is true. When it comes to keeping your audience interested for a long time, opt for a story.

As you listen to the story, a long-standing visual image begins to form, which is basic psychology. Thus, it has become a wonderful solution because people don’t like it when brands prefer aggressive marketing and promotions. By creating great stories and presenting them to people in the right way, you can get more attention from your viewers.

●       Focus on the Intro 

You need to learn to use the first few seconds very wisely. The span of attention of the audience becomes very small over time. An average video focus time is less than 8.5 seconds, based on video marketing statistics.

Do you want to create a successful video? Then bringing the story to life within the first few seconds is crucial to keep the viewers engaged. Make the first few seconds stand out and get the attention of the general public. It will influence the overall efficiency of your video.

●       Use Landing Page Videos 

The purpose of the landing page is to drive more visitors to the bottom of the marketing conversion funnel. So why not spend more time on your video site by using the most popular media? And to make sure your landing page is the most strategic to visit, would you like to include it in your comparison?

According to a recent survey, 95% of customers love to watch company videos outlining their products and services. Placing useful video content on your landing page gives you the valuable data you need to get your visitors’ attention. Also, use them to tell about products and services to viewers. You need to talk to them about your business goals and objectives to the audience all the time. 

Final Words 

Video marketing is the key to success for several businesses around the world in 2021. Using good quality videos and highly effective strategies, many brands have enjoyed outstanding results that have turned the tables for them. If you are planning to expand your online presence, you have to take the help of video marketing, as we have mentioned in this blog. Let us know which strategy you found the best.

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