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10 Top Untapped Business Ideas in Kenya

10 Top Untapped Business Ideas in Kenya

Today we discuss untapped business ideas in Kenya that you can begin with little capital. Untapped because not so many people are giving these ideas the attention they require.

And truth be told, it is not easy to get a business idea that is not already saturated. The business ideas you could be thinking about, someone else is already implementing the them.

That’s why I am bringing you these untapped business ideas in Kenya to think about. It will be a lie if I told you that you won’t get competition. The truth is, these business ideas are not saturated therefore offering you an opportunity to bring you own unique ideas and if the business gods smile your way, you could be smiling your way to the bank.

With statistics putting more that 10 million youth currently unemployed, business is the way to go and getting the right one could reduce the mad rush for many a youth to seeking white-collar jobs.

Untapped Business Ideas in Kenya for You to try out.

1. Blogging

I know you may have heard about blogging. If not, you may have heard about Mr. Robert Alai the famous blogger that is always in trouble.

If you have not heard about blogging, then is it the art of writing about what people are looking for, when people consume this information, you can make money off them.

If you do not know where to begin, here is a guide about starting a blog in Kenya. And the beauty about blogging is that you can do it at home at you own free time. All you will need is a computer that has internet access and if you have some basic typing skills, you are good to go.

With less than 10K, you are ready to begin your blogging journey.

But how do I make money blogging? You may be asking this question. With a blog (a platform where you share you articles-what you are on now is a blog) you can make money by,

  • Placing Ads such as Google AdSense, Medianet etc
  • Creating a membership site
  • Selling your own services
  • Promoting other people’s or Companies products( Affiliate Marketing)

I know of blogs that make up to Ksh. 1 million per month just doing these very same ideas. However before you dive in, ote that blogs take time to build. It could take you two years of serious work to see any results. Just like any other business, this is no rich scheme.

2. Mashroom Farming

Mashrooms are a delicacy sort by many hotels in Kenya and beyond. It is one of the untapped business ideas in Kenya. This business has the high returns and if you know what you doing, it is very easy to be successful.

If you have some knowledge in mushroom farming or if you are willing to learn, then this is a business ideas you can go for. Unlike blogging, you will need some space or farm to actually realize your dream.

3. Event and Party planning

As long as the earth and the heavens exist, we shall always have weddings, funerals, birthday parties, graduations and other social events.

For those hoisting such events, planning and making sure that everything is goes on well can be very stressful. That’s when you come in. Assisting people plan such events can make you good money.

With about Ksh.100, 000.00, you can begin by marketing your services and once you are known, business with always come your way. Very few people can do this and impress their clients.

4. Tent Hiring and Catering Services

Social gathering such as funerals and wedding require that tents and catering services be made available. You will agree with me that we don’t keep tents in the house for such events. Moreover feeding hundreds or thousands of people is no mean feat.

What if someone gave you the trouble to get tents and feed their guests? That when you realize you should have been offering these services.

However to be successful you will need some good capital to purchase tents, plastic chairs, cutlery and off course wages for your workers.

5. SEO, Web and Link Building Business

Those who know the future will tell you that goods and services will primarily be offered online. The traditional brick and mortar way of doing things will soon be a thing of the past.  

Every second, thousands of websites and blogs come up and to be competitive and successful, these blogs and websites require SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and link building services.

This one of the untapped business ideas on Kenya and the beauty of it all is that you need less that Ksh. 40000.00 to start.

6. Professional Cleaning Services.

There is an increase in Kenya of a middle class that is not only lazy but has money to spend. Cleaning is one of those business ideas that people haven’t exploited.

What if you set-up a company that just does this? You go to people homes and clean them up.

A time is coming when as in developed countries, you will be able to leave a key with a professional cleaning company and find your home cleaned.

This market is waiting to be filled.

7. Growing and Selling of Chia-A top Untapped Business Idea in Kenya

Chia are edible seeds of a plant called Salvia Hispanica. This plant is of the mint Family and a native of Central America. But this is Kenya you ask. Salvia Hispanica grows well in Western Kenya and some North Rift Counties such a Uasin Gishu and Trans Nzoia.

The crops takes three months to mature and you can easily make a half a million after just a few months. A kilo of Chia Seeds currently sells at Ksh. 2500 per kilogram.

If you are one one of those folks who do not believe agriculture is an old man’s job, try this.

8. Offering Baby Care Services

The reason why most couples will employ a house manager is that there is a child in their lives. I have not seen a childless couple that does have a house help.

However, some young families cannot afford the services of a nanny. That is when the idea of a day care comes in. Most of these young families have a busy schedule that will not allow them take care of there kids.

With some initial capital of Ksh. 10000, you can begin a day care. And most successful day cares turn into schools.

9. Garbage Collection

Forget those garbage collection guys that come in trucks that are also garbage. Garbage collection in Kenya has collapsed and county governments are struggling to offer this basic service.

You can walk around especially in high-end neighborhoods and offer to collect garbage at a fee. If you can afford a truck and offer something different, then you could be in for some good very good business.

10. Consulting

I have personally made good money just doing this by giving advice on areas that I am just good. If you are good at a particular subject or area, you can also teach others the skills they are looking for at a fee.

This could be students, business people or employees of a particular organization. You stand a good chance of making money with this untapped business idea in Kenya. Here you have two options, do it physically of offer some online classes.


Going to school does not automatically get you employment. I often tell my students that going to school only gives a head start against your peers. Going to school equips you with the skills to solve life problems.

With these skills, you can looks at this list of untapped business ideas in Kenya and from it make a good living. In addition, I have never met a rich person that made it by carrying the 8.0am -5.00pm bucket (working). People make money from businesses.

If you have entrepreneurship skills, this is the direction to take.

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