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The Statistics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

The Statistics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Since the invention of bitcoin in 2010, it has always been in the news. Be it on the online platform, or the traditional platforms of the physical world, bitcoin is everywhere. Invented to be an alternate payment method, the coin has managed to make its place in almost every sphere of life. Be it making a payment, a method of investment or merely an asset, bitcoin has managed to gain large in almost every sphere of life. Bitcoin is a topic of discussion because it has seen many things in its lifetime. Ranging from invention to hitting the top spot. It has seen almost everything it can imagine. For more information you can visit our Website.

There are many cryptocurrencies but the place that bitcoin holds was never held by any of them. Bitcoin is purely a digital coin and was launched as a competitor to the fiat currency. The inventor is still anonymous with only a name or misnomer Satoshi Nakamoto. Some people believe it is the name of a person, while others believe it is a group of keen programmers interested in creating something different. In this article, we are going to discuss the journey of bitcoin right from the year of its first surge which is 2013 to till date. So, let us start the journey!

Facts about bitcoin

The price of bitcoin was at an all-time high in mid-June this year which was around $39,000. The current price of bitcoin has fallen but there are chances that the prices will be reviewed soon. The market cap at that time was around $726 billion or more which is quite impressive. The all-time high of bitcoin was witnessed in April this year when the market price of bitcoin touched and somehow crossed $64,863.1.

As a result, the trading was highest with the highest volume of trade being 336K BTC with a lower trade volume of 20.8K BTC. as of June, there were 38 million active bitcoin wallets and the number is still on the rise. The bitcoin miners charge an average transaction fee of around six and a half US dollars. The average amount of bitcoin traded in one day is 225,274 which is a high amount of it.

Owning most bitcoin

Bitcoin has been referred to as the king of cryptocurrencies. The question here arises: who is the king among the bitcoin holders? Who owns the maximum amount of BTCs? The answer to this question lies that Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor himself, holds a great amount of bitcoin. At the second spot comes the name of Zhan Ketuan who is the founder of Bitmain and at the third is the name of Chris Larsen who is the co-founder of Ripple. There are many other giants associated with it, some of which are Elon Musk, and other famous personalities.

The price journey

Bitcoin price has expanded rapidly over time. The previous decade has seen a drastic change in its price which is quite abnormal from the viewpoint of a normal traditional investor. The price of bitcoin in the year 2009 was USD 0.00099 which peaked at USD 0.39 the very next year. This was spectacular that such an entity can make such a large jump. By the time it reached 2011, the price first reached $1.00, then $10, and finally $30. This was just the beginning as the price of bitcoin increased constantly till then and as a result in the last bull phase that is in 2021, the price jumped to USD 60,000 in March.

Thus, one can see that bitcoin has travelled a lot and its journey is a golden phase of cryptocurrencies.

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