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Best TV Brands In Kenya That Give You Value For Money

Best TV Brands In Kenya That Give You Value For Money

So what are the best TV brands in Kenya? It’s a norm to find living rooms in most Kenyan houses having television sets. The competitive electronic industry coupled with advancements in LED, Smart, and applications technology has revolutionized the TV experience.

Chances are you either making your first purchase or trading your older model for better viewing experience and functionality. So how do you go about choosing the best TV brand in Kenya?

So what are some of the best TV brands in Kenya you can purchase? Here I bring you big brands, those that you probably know.

Best TV Brands In Kenya

LG(Life is Good)

This electronic company lives up to its second television manufacturer in the world billing by having a lot of models for the Kenyan market. The electronics giant has a massive presence in the country capitalizing in its innovative technology and energy-efficient sets.

Considered the number one OLED brand in 2013 by HIS MARKIT Technology Group first Quarter sales, there is no turning for this television brand which has a wide range of sets ranging from OLED(which it claims to be the market leader in), Cinema, 3D, LED TV, HD, Smart LED TV and Transform LED.


When not causing ripples in the mobile phone sector, this South Korean electronics giant is churning out new TV sets annually. Samsung has arguably one of the best digital tv brands in Kenya. Their general emphasis of physically sleek designs of their sets augments the beauty of your living room.

Most of their models employ LED technology with different resolutions (HD, UHD,4K et all). Samsung sets are generally slightly priced higher than their segment counterparts. Their smart TV inter-phase is unrivaled and offers an excellent user experience. So if you are a die-hard Samsung fan, you would have to pay a little extra for the name. This is one of the best TV brands in Kenya.


At one time SONY was the dominant market leader in the TV section. Virtually all coloured TV was Sony in most Kenyan household. That counterfeiters targeted, the product is a testament to the brand’s strong following and vote of confidence of their products.

Sony offers a wide array of sets for both low and high net worth individuals like the curved TV. Sony sets have commendable resolution both 4K, HDR, UHD, and good surround system especially for gaming and watching movies.


Hisense is a relatively new entrant in the Kenyan market compared to traditional brands. It has the distinction of offering similar products with similar technology albeit at a slightly lower price. The brand has sets that have LED, smart, HD, UHD resolutions. They also have cinematic features.

TCL(The Creative Life)

This American giant doesn’t enjoy widespread acknowledgment as its peers despite being the third-largest television maker globally.TLC use of LED technology has been there for a while. However, the most outstanding feature of their digital sets is their affordability.


HongKong based manufacturer defies the electronic stereotype that China is an assembly country and only out counterfeit and cheap goods. Skyworth holds its own amongst its peers with classy and advanced OLED screens, various LED models, both digital and smart TV in the market.

The brand is slowly making its way to living rooms of those not scared to experiment so far no bad news has come forth.


The fight for market share in the television industry has brought in new players. Haier has joined the fray with a cross-segment approach targeting all households with various income. Their LED, OLED have decent resolution and additional features.

They have smart televisions but have not yet got to the capability of their bigger rivals. A fact is seen in their pricing model. They are slightly cheaper than the established models by a considerable margin.


This arguably one of the quiet models without an aggressive marketing campaigns. Its television sets are affordable and mainly focus on the middle and low-income market.

This perfect choice if you are on a shoestring budget but still want a large but cheaper set. Aramco concentrates mostly on their digital TV line and has few smart TV models in the market currently.


This south Californian Company is yet to make significant moves in the Kenyan industry. Like its new market entrants, it prides itself on offering cheaper priced sets employing the technology its competitors use.

The brand is focused on affordability. Therefore if you are considering purchasing an expensive set, this would not be the ideal brand for you.


TV, is just not TV. What do your visitors see in your living room? A Samsung TV is more appealing than some TV whose name you cannot pronounce.

If you going for class, go for the first five brands on my list above. If you are on a tight budget, then the next five are an option.

If you are looking to by a TV, then you may need to consider these factors, to get the best TV brand in Kenya. Why don’t you tell us the brand of TV in your living room?

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